Miracle Blanket

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Natural Pink White Blue

The Miracle Blanket Swaddling helps fussy babies to sleep great, eases fussiness for any baby, stops facial scratches and twitches that wake baby. Helps babies to sleep better on their backs, no Velcro to scratch or wake baby, no knots or confusing adjustments, one size fits all. 100% Cotton, Wash before use, Machine wash cold, Tumble dry low

Miracle Blanket is uniquely designed to make baby swaddling easier than ever before. Suitable for newborn babies from birth - 14 weeks
  • Helps babies to sleep more soundly preventing them from startling themselves awake or scratching themselves
  • Helps ease newborn babies through the shock of suddenly being out of their Mother's womb by recreating the sensation of support
  • Makes breast feeding easier by gently securing baby's arms and legs to prevent fussing and wriggling
  • Provides gentle, even pressure around the abdomen to relieve the effects of Colic
  • 100% Cotton


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Catalogue No: MAB-BAS-MBP