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Sell your items alongside ours on our new trading platform.

BaseTrade allows third party sellers to list items for sale alongside on the website.

If you have a new or used copy of an item we are selling on, you'll be able to use our listing management tools to set the price you want to sell it for and it will appear for sale alongside our listing for that item. When it sells, you'll receive the money you listed it for, minus a small commission paid to for listing and selling the item.

BaseTrade is an invite only service. If you would like to request an invite to sell on BaseTrade, please complete the application form below.

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Tell us if you already sell items on another marketplace website (e.g. Amazon Marketplace, eBay, Playtrade, your own site)? If so, tell us which ones and your seller id, types of item sold and number of items sold. It will help us in determining who to invite.

You don't have to be an existing or experienced seller, we want new-comers and smaller occasional sellers too!

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