10cc - Windows in the Jungle (Music CD)

Release Date: 25 August 2014
Artist: 10cc
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After the rejuvenated excitement of 10 Out of 10, Eric Stewart and Graham Gouldman pulled in studio heavyweights like Steve Gadd and recorded this ambitious, but ultimately lukewarm album in 1983. All of the usual 10cc trademarks were in place: great melodies, heartbreaking harmonies, and inventive arrangements are in great abundance here. Unfortunately, the 10cc sense of humor is sorely lacking in this jungle, which casts a gray cloud over the whole album. Eric Stewart, one of rock's most sincere vocalists, sounds bored with the material, although he certainly does give it his best shot. There are some fabulous songs here, including the singles "Feel the Love" and "24 Hours," the finger-pointing "American Panorama," and the dramatic "Taxi Taxi," but with only eight songs to choose from, there's less margin for error. Not that there are any real errors here, but half the album sounds uninspired. To think that this was their 'swan song' until their reunion album nearly a decade later makes perfect sense. Perhaps they had run out steam, and couldn't take the band any further? And where is Graham Gouldman on this album? He's in there somewhere, handling various instruments and backing vocals, but surprisingly, does not handle any significant lead vocals on the album. (When one of your two vocalists does not sing lead on an album, there is some cause for concern). There are some scraps of Gouldman floating about, but not enough to satisfy the diehards. If you are an Eric Stewart fan, rejoice, because this is practically a solo album. If you are a Godley and Creme fan, then go back ten spaces because they left the band six years prior to this album! ~ Steve "Spaz" Schnee

More Detail

  • 1. 24 Hours
  • 2. Oomachasaooma (Feel the Love)
  • 3. Yes I Am
  • 4. Americana Panorama
  • 5. City Lights
  • 6. Food for Thought
  • 7. Working Girls
  • 8. Taxi Taxi
  • 9. 24 Hours (Edit)
  • 10. Dreadlock Holiday (Live in London 1982)
  • 11. I'm Not in Love (Live in London 1982)
  • 12. Oomachasaooma (Feel the Love) (Edit)
  • 13. She Gives Me Pain
  • 14. Food for Thought (Radio Edit)
  • 15. The Secret Life of Henry
Release Date: 25 August 2014
Artist: 10cc
SKU: 3793175