7 Day Shed Fat Burning Workout Plan - 6 Workouts & 1 Preparation Day - Joey Bull - Fit for Life Series [DVD]

Release Date: 22 December 2014 | Certificate: Exempt
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My 7 day Shed programme is a compilation of the most effective exercises with tips on how to get you fitter, firmer and more energised. A genuine physical upgrade wrapped up in a 7 Day Plan. And it will provide you with the knowledge and instruction you need to keep yourself wonderfully maintained well into the future! Join me to tone and tighten, shed fat and fire up hidden reserves of energy and zest and start seeing and feeling the results within days. The workouts are accessible for all standards and intensity can easily be altered to suit the exerciser. So whether you are a novice or an experienced gym goer, you will still benefit from 7 Day Shed. The six workouts are short, targeted and proven to deliver. They will load up muscle fibres tone and create great shape and symmetry. You can be fitter, stronger, with terrific posture and confidence without compromising curves or femininity! Using the HIIT method (High Intensity Interval Training) these workouts deliver body changing, fat busting, muscle activating results, pushing you one moment before quickly easing up into something more restful before firing up the body again. I promise you this is what makes such a difference so quickly and what will keep you fully engaged and driven to continue. By splitting up the muscle groups worked into different days, the body will recover and respond before we hit them again. Much more effective than bashing away at the same body parts each day! In my 7 Day Plan I ve allocated the first day to preparation and nutritional diet tips. Over the next six days you will find 6 compact workouts each concentrating on a different aspect of your figure. And there s nothing stopping you mixing & matching these workouts further down the line to allow you to target body parts you wish to concentrate on. Ive been doing this a long time and am delighted to once again share my knowledge and experience to help deliver the body you want and deserve! Joey says Everything about this DVD is based on what I know works for a busy person in her 40s who has given birth to three children. And I know because that person is me! Joey Bull is a 4 x UK Fitness Champion, former Adventure Athlete, top international trainer, & presenter. She has written columns for many leading magazines, is a WatchFit expert and is the author of Tidy the Temple. This is her eighth workout DVD with IMC Vision.
Release Date: 22 December 2014
Certificate: E - Exempt from Certification