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Airwolf - The Complete Collection: Seasons 1-3 (Blu-ray) - £48.99

This set is worth it even if you own the original DVD release

Airwolf Blu Ray Set is by no means a complete set, but for a lot of fans it is as Season-4 is usually shunned, though my opinion on it differs. Having said that, I own the original DVD sets released by Universal and this release by Fabulous Films is a vast improvement over the DVDs. The picture is clear and sharp with better color contrast, more vibrant picture. There are more details to be seen with this release, the original set had good number of episodes that suffered from a hazy effect. So picture quality is certainly the meat of the new packaging not much for audio. It sounds just about the same, though with slight improvement. For example, episode Fallen Angel suffered from music volume being too low in second half of the battle in R1 DVDs (don't know about R2), this set corrects it. One noticeable issue with this set is a missing minute from Bite of the Jackal when Hawke meets the locals, though it's easily negligible. Seeing what rest of the set offers, one tiny issue is not a deal breaker in my opinion. This set is a surprise and something for all fans to support! Airwolf is very, very fortunate to get a Blu-ray treatment and a good one at that seeing the age of the show and its moderate popularity. More popular shows have yet to get a blu-ray release. So buy this if you want a better experience of Airwolf. You won't be disappointed. Us fans in R1 are unfortunate that it may never be released here, but you can easily experience it through your PC. Bottom line, this set is worth it, though I won't pay more than $100 in case you don't find it here for some reason.