Albert Ayler - Love Cry/The Last Album [Remastered] (Music CD)

Release Date: 10 October 2011
Artist: Albert Ayler
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Originally released separately on Impulse, this two-fer combines saxophonist Albert Ayler's 1967 release Love Cry and The Last Album, which came out two years later. On Love Cry, Ayler’s second release on Impulse, the songs are shorter, and the ferociousness that listeners experienced on his daring ESP dates is slightly toned down, but not much. Recorded at the same session as Music Is the Healing Force of the Universe, The Last Album is very similar in content, with Ayler delving into R&B, and utilizing the poetry and vocals of Mary Maria. The ideal two-fer would have combined Healing Force with Last Album. The music has been remastered and, while there are no bonus tracks or new liner notes, Impulse had the good taste to restore the original packaging: front and back cover art and liner notes. ~ Al Campbell

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1. Love Cry
2. Ghosts
3. Omega
4. Dancing Flowers
5. Bells
6. Love Flower
7. Zion Hill
8. Universal Indians
9. Untitled Duet
10. Again Comes the Rising of the Sun
11. All Love
12. Toiling
13. Desert Blood
14. Birth of Mirth
15. Water Music

Release Date: 10 October 2011
Artist: Albert Ayler
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