Amnesia Collection

Release Date: 20 July 2015
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Amnesia Collection

How Do You Know Who You Can Trust...

When You Don’t Know Who You Are?

She runs through the flaming building seeking escape. She struggles in the water, desperate to keep

afloat. And then she wakes in the hospital, with no knowledge of how she got there or memory of who

she was. People she doesn’t know come to visit her, but only the one that no one else can see, the spirit

boy who calls himself Orion, seems to understand what has happened to her. And he tells her not to

let anyone know of her amnesia. As the Heroine struggles to recall her past and connect the random

recollections in her mind to form memories, one thing seems sure: Time is no longer a constant, and

the date of August 1st… the day she keeps waking up in the hospital… is somehow significant. As are

each of the people she meets, though the stories that link her to them seem to shift like sands in an

emptying hourglass. Will she be able put the pieces of the puzzle together, and what will she see if it

becomes complete? Lost to both the world and herself, the Heroine must lift the veils of AMNESIA.

Release Date: 20 July 2015
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