...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead - Madonna (Music CD)

Release Date: 25 February 2013
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The second album from these Austin noisemakers drifts from mind-sweeping tranquillity to cathartic cacophony, sometimes in the course of a single song. It all pushes toward overload by the end -- many of the songs follow the same formula of a slow build to a glorious breakdown -- but the band's mix of guitar simplicity and sonic ambition works to construct a tower of super sound. The distortion, too, plays a part on Madonna; it serves as both primal instrument and harmonic distracter. Decent post-rock for a new century. ~ Michael Gallucci

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  • 1. And You Will Know Them…
  • 2. Mistakes and Regrets
  • 3. Totally Natural
  • 4. Blight Takes All
  • 5. Claire De Lune
  • 6. Flood of Red
  • 7. Children Of the Hydra's Teeth
  • 8. Marc David Chapman
  • 9. Up from Redemption
  • 10. Aged Dolls
  • 11. The Day the Air Turned Blue
  • 12. A Perfect Teenhood
  • 13. Sigh Your Children
Release Date: 25 February 2013
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