Asteroids Galaxy Tour (The) - Out of Frequency (Music CD)

Release Date: 05 March 2012
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Arriving on the scene the same time as Alphabeat introduced their Disney-ish bubblegum pop to the world, Copenhagen duo the Asteroids Galaxy Tour's equally carefree 2008 debut, Fruit, suggested there was something in the Danish waters. Just like the "Fascination" hitmakers, vocalist Mette Lindberg and producer Lars Iversen have ignored any "serious artist" temptations for their follow-up, and instead have continued to pursue an even more playful and kaleidoscopic approach, on 14 tracks bursting to the seams with irresistible melodies, flower power hooks, and an effervescent carnival atmosphere. Firmly ensconced in the sounds of the '60s, the kitsch dream pop of "Mafia," the swirling indie disco of "Heart Attack," and the slinky, alternative James Bond theme, "Cloak & Dagger," show the duo are still enamoured with the Summer of Love, while the fusion of hip-hop beats, Southern soul, and Mark Ronson-esque horns on the utterly infectious "Dollars in the Night" and "Major" recall the high-spirited charm of their iPod-advertised hit "Around the Bend." But Out of Frequency is far from just a retread of its predecessor, as Lindberg wraps her Björk-meets-Duffy, elfin-like tones around a more diverse but resolute old-school sound with authentic attempts at Motown ("Fantasy Friend Forever"), trippy dub reggae (the title track), and woozy proggy funk ("Theme from 45 Eugenia"). The slightly vaudeville interludes ("Gold Rush, Pts.1 & 2," "Arrival of the Empress") unnecessarily interrupt the party vibes, while the sugary-sweet kids TV theme feel of "Suburban Space Invader" may push tolerance levels for relentless kookiness to its limits. But for the most part, Out of Frequency is a joyous and effortlessly vivacious slice of Scandinavian pop which yet again brings a refreshing, childlike quality to the '60s retro table. ~ Jon O'Brien

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1. Gold Rush, Pt.1
2. Dollar in the Night
3. Gold Rush, Pt.2
4. Major
5. Heart Attack
6. Out of Frequency
7. Cloak & Dagger
8. Arrival of the Empress (Prelude)
9. Theme from 45 Eugenia
10. Mafia
11. Ghost in My Head
12. Suburban Space Invader
13. Fantasy Friend Forever
14. When It Comes To Us

Release Date: 05 March 2012
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