Attila the Hun [DVD]

Release Date: 03 September 2018 | Certificate: Suitable for 15 years and over
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This epic critically acclaimed film tells the incredible story of Attila the Hun (Starring Rory McCann). He was part genius and maybe even part psychopath but Attila did have a vision to raise his people up and to challenge the tyranny of the Roman empire. His one goal was conquest and he would allow no one to stand in his way. But Attila had to win over and unify the Hunnish tribes. He created a new mobile army which allowed him to strike with such lightning speed across vast distances. Attila cleverly turned the Romans' own military tactics against them, winning a series of astonishing victories. Finally, he launched one of the most daring raids in history, striking hundreds of miles deep into the heart of the Roman Empire itself. It was here, at the battle of Catalonian Fields, Attila confronted the great Roman General Flavius Aetius and his huge coalition army of Romans and Barbarians. Could this be his decisive moment to crush the Romans? Attila was an inspirational leader who was worshipped by his people, but it is his name as a legendary warrior leader that would be forged in his enemies' blood. Attila would pass into history as the Scourge of God: the most feared and frightening warrior of all time. Directed by Gareth Edwards and featuring state of the art special effects with huge scale battles scenes.
Release Date: 03 September 2018
Certificate: 15 - Suitable for Persons Aged 15 or Over