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British Comedy Collection, The (Twelve Discs) (Includes PORRIDGE, RISING DAMP and STEPTOE AND SON plus many more) - £18.99

Great selection

If your into nostalgia this is one for the library. Not all will be gems, but the vast majority are pure gold.

Blackadder - Series 3 - £6.79

Atkinson doing what he does best

As co-writer it's not surprising that his sharp delivery of a witty script is very funny. Should appeal to anyone with a sense of humour.

No Mans Land (1987) - £4.99

One of the better 'undercover cop' movies

Not just for petrol heads. An entertaining and dramatic portrayal of the world of expensive car theft.

Sweeney, The - The Complete Series 2 - £15.29

Exciting and entertaining

Seventies viewing at its best. Dramatic and suspenseful with quite a bit of violence. A surprise for anyone who thought old TV cop series were all tame.

Sweeney, The - The Complete Series 3 - £17.99

Every series as exciting as the last

No loss of quality or direction in this dramatic and violent piece of TV history. Any younger viewers who think of this as an alternative to Dixon of Dock Green will be pleasantly surprised. Even shocked.

The Sweeney - The Complete Series - £25.89

Great value for a great series

I've just bought this myself. One of the finest TV series ever made. At the risk of offending its fans I think this makes The Saint look really tame. Sorry Roger. Much more action and definitely more gritty.

The Sweeney - Series 1 (with subtitles) (Blu-Ray) - £28.49

Pure seventies nostalgia

British drama at its best. Fine cast and script with plenty of action made this one of the most popular series of the time. Just as good today.

Sweeney! Movie Collection (Sweeney! / Sweeney 2) (1976) - £10.89

Just as good as the series

Makes a change. The movies succeeded because they didn't change the recipe. Just more of the same in longer stories. First rate.

The Sweeney - Series 1 (with subtitles) - £16.79

Excellent fast moving drama

Thaw and Waterman are a great duo in these tales of London policing in the seventies.

16 Blocks (UMD Movie) - £7.09

Not up to Bruce's normal standard.

He's made his name doing action packed movies with plenty of special effects and against these this may seem disappointing. Actually, it's not bad.

16 Blocks (Blu-Ray) - £7.79

Entertaining but not a classic

After the Die Hard series anything is going to be an anticlimax, so Willis is up against it in this acceptable but standard movie. A few good moments make it worth watching.

16 Blocks - £4.79

Not his best film

By most standards this is a pretty good drama but we've been spoilt by some of Willis' other action exploits. (Die Hard etc)

The Spiral Staircase (1945) - £4.99

Excellent film noir

An old house and a mystery. Perfect recipe for a suspense story that has stood the test of time.

The Spikes Gang - £9.09

A downbeat western with a good cast

A thoughtful and more realistic portrayal of this violent time than the norm. Excellent acting and script make this a four star in my book. Don't assume a happy ending because Ron Howard's in it.

Spellbound (1945) - £4.99

Flawless Hitchcock

Some dated scenes stop it being a five star, but it's still an excellent movie. The dream sequences were created by Salvador Dali.

Speed - Special Edition (2 Disc) - £3.59

Quite exciting, but one is enough.

I wouldn't bother with sequels but this original movie is worth a look.

Speed / Speed 2 - Cruise Control - £6.79

Two for the price of one

I would have recommended the first one only, but since this gives you 2 for 1 you might as well go for it. Not intended for intellectuals this is still enjoyable for a wet afternoon.

Speed - £5.19

Novel storyline with tense moments

Not a classic but enjoyable nonsense with good pre CGI special effects and stunts. Didn't need a sequel though.

Spartacus (Blu-Ray) - £7.19

A great epic

Not quite up to Ben-Hur standards (hence four stars) but well worth watching. Dramatic portrayal of a brutal era with contrasting sensitive moments. All star cast as they say.

Spare The Rod (1961) - £10.19

A good film that should be shown more

Excellent portrayal of life in a tough school with even tougher teachers. Bygraves is in an unusual role for him but this doesn't stop him giving a great performance. Top supporting cast too.

Spaceballs (Blu-Ray) (1987) - £8.19

Not Mel's best work.

We're used to maniacal but this is just silly. Couldn't get a good laugh out of me.

Spaceballs (Special Edition) - £5.99

Good cast wasted on a weak script

It's almost there but it's no Blazing Saddles. Not a classic.

Spaceballs - £6.39

Far out, even for Mel Brooks

The wisecracks and double entendres come thick and fast. That's the problem, quantity over quality.

South Park - Season 8 - £11.29

Original and provocative

Very funny and entertaining for those who like its humour.

South Park - Season 7 - £11.29

The 18 cert is for the dialogue

Not for all the family, but very enjoyable if you're used to new age comedy.

South Park - Season 6 - £7.79

Makes you wonder how they keep coming up with scripts

If you like the style and the humour then you won't be disappointed.

South Park - Season 5 - £11.29

Surprising to see this was made 15 years ago

Still fresh and provocative. For a cartoon it will come as a surprise. Hopefully, a pleasant one.

South Park - Season 4 - £6.49

A lot of playtime for your money

Flinstones it isn't, but that's why a lot of people find it refreshing and enjoyable.

South Park - Season 2 - £8.79

Good value if your a fan

Undeniably witty if rather spicy for a cartoon. Likeable all the same.

South Park - Season 10 - £5.79

Yet another in this long running comedy

As kids get bolder this makes more and more sense - unfortunately. No denying the humour.

South Park - Season 1 - £7.49

First in a long line of this popular series

If you haven't seen any of them you'd better start with this one. Not everyone's a fan. See what all the fuss is about.

South Park - Season 3 - £11.29

Another in this irreverent series

A cult following, but although it's funny not everyone likes it.

South Park - Season 15 - £12.09

Witty and likeable

But the humour is on the adult side. Judge for yourself.

South Park - Season 12 - £11.29

Has quite a following

Though it may take you by surprise if you're only used to the Flintstones.

South Park - Series 14 - £12.39

Bit of a 'Marmite' series

Love it or hate it there's no denying the talent is there.

South Park - Imaginationland - £4.39

Far-fetched storylines that appeals to many.

A very popular series even if some of the script is a little blue. No denying the talent behind it.

South Park - The Cult Of Cartman - £12.39

Send the little ones to bed

As long as you're not offended you're bound to be amused.

South Park - Passion Of The Jew - £5.09

Don't take it seriously.

If you do it will probably annoy you. Nowadays they call it edgy comedy. Judge for yourself.

South Park - Series 1 - £12.79

An acquired taste

A cynical look on life by some amusing if foul mouthed kids.

South Park - Bigger Longer Uncut (The Movie) - £3.99

Although it's animation it's 15 cert for a reason.

Popular and very watchable even if the dialogue sometimes surprises.

South Park - Christmas Time In South Park - £8.89

Witty, sharp script.

An irreverent slant on Christmas and not for the younger ones.

South Pacific / The King And I / Oklahoma - £8.89

A good buy for fans of musicals

Even if the plots don't excite like they used to, there are still some great songs to listen to.

South Pacific (Special Edition) - £7.49

Classic musical, a bit dated now.

Good songs and a strong cast but doesn't keep your interest like it used to.

Alfred Hitchcock Presents: Season 2 (1957) - £9.59

Mild black comedy

Low budget playlets, usually with surprisingly well known actors. Hume Cronyn, Robert Culp, John Williams etc. Don't expect anything at the level of his films but I find them interesting period pieces.

Public Enemies (Blu-Ray) - £7.19

Classic true story told with style

Good cast and plenty of action. Just a bit long.

Public Enemies (2009) - £5.69

Exciting and well told

But it would have been even better if it had been 30 minutes shorter. Nevertheless, worth watching.

Rodgers And Hammerstein : A Musical Celebration - Carousel / The King and I / Oklahoma ! / The Sound of Music / South Pacific / State Fair (12 DVD Special Edition Box Set) - £15.99

If you're a fan of musicals - buy it.

Something for everone here. If you've no musicals in your collection, start with this. You'll have covered most of the good ones.

Sound Of Music (Blu-ray + DVD, with Blu-ray Packaging) - £11.29

More drama needed to the proceedings

When you consider that a human armageddon was just round the corner, I find it bordering on bad taste to have a cast straight from Mary Poppins without a care in the world.

The Sound Of Music (1965) - £7.69

Why does everyone rave about this movie?

Scenery, songs and production fine. But children singing happy songs just before the Nazi invasion??

The Sound Of Music (40th Anniversary Collectors Edition) (Two Disc) - £7.79

There are better musicals

Any musical with a downbeat theme should have a dark side (Carousel, West Side Story) with songs to match. You shouldn't have children skipping round the garden singing pretty songs on the eve of an invasion.

Sound Of Music (2 Discs). - £7.95

Not five stars in my book

To be honest I could have easily given it two stars (gasp!). Apart from the stirring intro and great scenery, it never gained pace like the storyline suggests. How do you make the Nazi invasion a musical?, with songs like; 'My Favourite Things, Doe a Deer'. They should have titled it ; 'Mary Poppins Meets Hitler'

Sound Barrier - £11.49

A prime example of 'less is more'

No CGI, no colour and no spectacular crashes. Sounds boring, but in fact it's one of many great films of the period with modest heroes doing their best. Just enough technical jargon to add flavour.

Laurel And Hardy - No. 13 - Sons Of The Desert And Related Shorts - £5.59

Good value for their fans

One of the most famous of the films they did. Extra footage too.

The Western Collection - Gunfight at the OK Corral / Once Upon A Time in the West / True Grit / The Sons of Katie Elder) - £7.09

Good buy for western fans

Interesting selection of movies, each with a different interpretation of the genre.

The Sons Of Katie Elder (1965) - £5.99

Wayne doing what he does best

Still fresh and enjoyable. Casting, music and action are all top drawer.

The Sons of Katie Elder (1965) - £3.49

Still a good western

A top cast and a great theme song running throughout keep this entertaining. A sensible script and plenty of action make this watchable even now.

Son Of The Pink Panther - £3.99

You've got to know when to stop sequelling

Halloween, Friday 13th etc. They never learn. Box Office returns are the motivation.

Son Of The Pink Panther - £3.95

Too many sequels

Without Sellers this series could only go downhill. Lom, Kwouk and Stark hang in there.

Son Of Paleface - £3.89

Getting dated now

It's only Hope's sharp delivery of a witty script that stops this being a two star. If you like his 'Road' pictures you'll like this.

Inside Man (Blu-Ray) - £7.09

Entertaining with good suspense

But they laboured the interviews for too long. More action and less chat would have made it a four star for me.

Inside Man - £4.19

Good suspense but too long

Denzel is first rate as always, but it would have been more dramatic if it had been 30 minutes shorter.

The Complete Marilyn Collection - £29.99

Good value if you're a fan

I don't rave about her films the way Hollywood does. But if you're into her movies around £2 a film can't be bad.

Some Like It Hot (1959) - £6.49

Every critic raves about this. Not me.

I was tempted to give it two stars just to rebel against everyone else. To be honest it's OK, just not the perfect comedy it's talked up to be.

Some Like It Hot (Blu-Ray) (1959) - £8.99

It's called a classic. I'm not convinced.

Citizen Cane, Casablanca etc, are supposed the be examples of the best. They're good, but I've seen better. It applies to this offering too. Sure it's a laugh but Lemmon's endless squeaky voice when in drag (which is most of the film) and Curtis' monotonous Cary Grant impersonation left me cold. Not five stars in my book but judge for yourself.

Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs (Diamond Edition) (Blu-Ray and DVD) (Disney) - £17.99

Five stars

Disney's first full length animated film. An icon in cartoon history. Songs like "Hey ho, it's off to work we go" are now indelible and timeless. The characters, the dialogue and the music are magic. In colour as well. It won three Oscars. Not bad for a 1937 cartoon.

Smokey And The Bandit (Blu-Ray) - £7.19

Still entertaining

Not a subtle film and not in the Clouseau class, but the slapstick is worth a look.

Smokey And The Bandit Collection - £8.59

I'd just settle for the first movie

For Reynolds fans only. One film is enough for me.

Smokey And The Bandit - £5.49

Still amusing

Not up to Cannonball, but entertaining. The lines aren't that special but the slapstick keeps it going.

Sleepy Hollow (Blu-Ray) - £8.69

A novel and exciting version of a popular theme

Anyone who liked to be scared as a kid enjoys stories of headless horsemen, witches, curses and the like. You'll get all this and more in this brilliant tale of superstition in the eighteenth century.

Sleepy Hollow (1999) - £6.39

Spooky tale of the eighteenth century

Atmospheric with great effects. A cast of top names. Walken is brilliant as the warrior from beyond the grave. A must see.

Sleepy Hollow. - £18.99

Excellent interpretation of a classic story

A village swathed in mist, a witch living on the outskirts, a headless horseman and more. This brings together all the superstitions of the period (1799), Depp as Incabod Crane, an eighteenth century Holmes and just as bright. Superbly directed.

The Sixth Sense (Blu-Ray) - £13.49

A new approach to its subject

Don't ask friends to give the plot away. Not the most exciting film, but it has its moments.

The Sixth Sense (2 Disc Collectors Edition) (Wide Screen) - £5.19

An unusual role for Willis

If I told you what films it was like it would give the game away. To enjoy this film don't ask how it ends. Lacked that extra sparkle but worth watching.

The Sixth Sense [DVD] [1999] - £5.19

Unusual movie with a twist at the end.

One of those films where you don't want to know what happens. Tense moments but dull ones as well.

Anatomy Of A Murder (1959) - £5.49

Rather long, but not enough to be boring.

I see people who bought this also bought Inherit the Wind and Twelve angry men. If you know these movies you get the idea. A tense courtroom drama with top actors. If it had been 30 minutes shorter I'd have given it four stars.

Sink the Bismarck! (1960) - £5.49

Classic film that keeps the suspense all the way

Don't be misled by the homepage illustration, as far as I know this has never been produced in colour. But don't let that put you off. This is one of my favourite WW2 movies because it tells a dramatic account of a true story with such dignity. No gung-ho heroes here. Just dedicated men and women. A must see.

Sink The Bismarck! - £6.59

A great film

I'm assuming this is the 1960 version with Kenneth Moore so that's what I'm reviewing. Flawless telling of a true story that still captures the imagination today.

Sink The Bismarck! - £12.09

One of the finest war films made

No colour, no CGI, but this tells a true story with such passion and humility that it has to be a five for me. One of my favourites.

Magical Musicals Collection (9 Disc Box Set) - £21.99

Great value

Individually, the movies would get three or four stars, but collectively at this price - what can I say.

Singin In The Rain (Special Edition) - £4.99

Needs no introduction

Except to say that this film doesn't rely on the famous dance routine to make the grade. Fans of the film often forget that the storyline of the girl forced to carry out her contractual duties to a bullying studio would be a great story as a non-musical.

Singin' in the Rain - Double Play (Blu-Ray + DVD) - £8.69

An all time classic

Kelly on top form in this famous tale of the talented girl forced to do the singing for an inferior singer. Good stuff.

Sinbad And The Eye Of The Tiger (Wide Screen) - £3.99

One of the better 'Sword and Sandals' movies

Ray's special effects predate CGI but the action and the stories more than make up for it. You buy it for the kids and then end up watching it yourself.

Silverado (Blu-Ray) - £5.99

An unusual western

Breaks the mould to some extent on the traditional theme. A good cast and more than one story keep you interested.

Silverado - £3.99

Unusual lengthy film with twists and turns

As they say 'A star studded cast', but it's true. A western with different stories going on and overlapping which stop it appearing too long. Some good action along the way.

Silver Streak (1976) - £7.99


Wilder and Pryor are a superb double act in this comedy thriller set almost exclusively aboard a train. No wonder they made more movies together.

Silent Flute - £11.69

Unusual surreal approach to martial arts

Nothing like Enter the Dragon. Carradine plays three characters completely unrelated in this intriguing story of a man's quest for 'The Book of Knowledge'. I found it compelling. There's enough action to keep you watching.

Silence of the Lambs - The Inside Story - £7.49

Good background material

If you're a fan of the film then this is a nice supplement to it.

The Silence of the Lambs (Blu-ray) (1991) - £8.99

Has become a classic

One of those movies you want to watch because it seems everyone else has. Not that you need a reason to watch this superb thriller.

Silence Of The Lambs (2 Discs) - £5.99

Amazing to think this is based on a true story

The true story being a mix of this and Chainsaw Massacre. Gruesome, but not unnecessarily so. Definitely edge of the seat stuff.

The Silence Of The Lambs (1991) - £6.49

Excellent suspense thriller

Original plots are hard to come by but this is one of them. Well acted and directed but not for the faint-hearted.

Shrek 2 - Special Edition 2 Disc - £4.99

As funny as the first

The first was great animation and you won't mind another outing.

Shrek 2 - £3.89

As good as the first

Enough talent to last for a sequel. Still very enjoyable.

Shrek - £6.09

Superb animation and script

One of those cartoons where you forget it is and just enjoy the story.

A Shot in the Dark (1964) - £6.59

As funny as the first

Later sequels started to pall but this is excellent. Sellers on top form.

Short Circuit / Flight Of The Navigator - £12.49

Why so expensive?

Cost apart, these are good entertainment, particularly for the kids. Buy them cheaper.

Short Circuit 2 (Wide Screen) - £3.99

More of the same

Not as sharp as the first because it's no longer a novelty, but still entertaining.

Short Circuit - £5.99

Not a classic, but not bad.

Jolly story of a robot that starts to sense its own existence. Some good slapstick moments.

The Shootist (Wide Screen) - £3.89

Wayne's last film

A great western to go out in. Apart from the action, there's a sensitive and interesting story of an ageing gunman with cancer coping with dignity. Exactly how the Duke died for real three years later.

Last Of The Summer Wine - Series 19 And 20 Complete - £9.69

Long running classic comedy

Gentle humour with a surprisingly sharp script. A lot of episodes have some slapstick to liven it up.

The Shawshank Redemption (Blu-Ray) - £6.99

Dramatic tale of life in prison

A long film, but that helps to put accross the twenty years our man spent inside for a crime he didn't commit.