Biomutant (Xbox One)

Release Date: 25 May 2021 | Certificate: Suitable for 12 years and over
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  • Real-time Combat: Mix, melee, guns and abilites
  • Open World Adventure: Planets, Underworlds, Solar System
  • Bionics System: Powerfused Prosthetics
  • Automaton Sidekicks: Customizable living robotic toys
  • Mutation System: Physical change and powers
  • Pilotable Vehicles: Customizable Mech, Jetski & Airship
  • Unique High Fidelity Style: Vibrants worlds, furry hyper-mammals
  • Creative Crafting System: Open creation of weapons & gear
  • Interactive Narrative: Multi-end and contextual Narrator
Release Date: 25 May 2021
Certificate: PEGI 12+ - PEGI Minimum Age 12