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Gagarin: First In Space (2013) - £6.49

A Must For Space Lovers!

I have always been fascinated with space and astronomy ever since I was a kid - who hasn't dreamt of being an astronaut?! So when I heard about this new film, based on the first person ever in space, I had to check it out! And it was great!

A must for anyone into astronomy or space, the film takes a look at the dangerous mission into the unknown and the build up and problems that were faced throughout. Some stunning moments that really stand out - it's easily one of the best movies I've seen about Space Exploration and is well worth taking a look at.

Perfect for fans of sci-fi and those with a love for the stars. Check it out!

Revenge For Jolly - £2.09

Revenge Is A Dish Best Served Violent!

Violence and black comedy go hand in hand in this brilliant revenge movie! Revenge For Jolly boasts an incredible cast (including one of my fave actors, Elijah Wood!) and the bleak story of two guys as they go on a revenge rampage with an endless body count! It's no surprise that the mind behind Machete worked on this!

There's so many great scenes in this film, especially the excellent climax. These chaps go crazy with their vengeance, killing anyone and everyone who is remotely connected or poses an opposition, with their huge arsenal of guns! With touches of pitch-black comedy and plenty of action, this film is definetly a must see. Highly recommended.

Birds of a Feather - The Complete ITV Series 1 (2014) - £6.19

The Birds are back and funnier than ever!

I remember watching this show way back when in the 90s, when I was just a kid. Now, nearly 20 years later the ladies have returned and they're better than ever!

I've been watching the new series like mad, every week on TV and LOVING it! Dorien, Tracey and Sharon are back with their witty putdowns and comebacks with a few surprises along the way too! Now forced to live under the same roof, it's a trio of ladies that will have you laughing out loud! There's so many great episodes here - each one just keeps getting funnier with each watch.

Love,love, love it!

We Are What We Are (2014) - £3.29

Great Horror For Classy Cannibals

We Are What We Are is one of the finest horrors of recent years. Breaking away from the trashy, gore-splattered films I associate with cannibalism, WAWWA goes down a much classier route, creating a terrifying film that will stick with you long after watching it. Still with it's fair share of wonderfully gory moments, We Are What We Are is more of a mix between the Hannibal films and Let The Right One In.

Following a family with a taste for humans, the film has a great story with some fascinating characters that you cant help but feel for. Drenched in dark atmosphere and the gothic, this is one of the best new horror films I've seen in a while.

Grab yourself a pot of boiling human soup, and tuck into this! Highly recommended!

Nothing Left To Fear (Blu-ray) - £3.09

Creepy Horror Film From Slash!

As a fan of Guns N Roses as well as Slash's recent solo work, I was intrigued to see how he would do in the world of movies. His new song, Nothing Left To Fear is wonderfully atmospheric, depressing and dark and that's exactly what's captured so brilliantly in the film.

Following a family as they move to a new, 'quiet' town, things aren't quite right. Something is very, very wrong. Similar to the original Wicker Man film, there's an inescapable sense of dread and of doom, that something terrifying is coming and that there's nothing that the family can do about it - you're always on the edge of your seat! The townsfolk are you typical horror movie religious nuts who are all keeping a sinister secret between them. Building up to an intense climax, Nothing Left To Fear keeps the momentum going and bursts with a fantastically scary finale!

Top stuff! I can't wait to see more from Slash now - bring it on!

Riddick (Blu-ray) - £8.69

Great Sci-Fi Fun!

Who doesn't love Riddick?! A bad-ass Vin Diesel kicking alien butt - what's not to love here! The series is great fun and visually stunning. The latest film, Riddick is an absolute must for all sci-fi fans.

Katee Sackhoff - best known from Battlestar Gallactica - appears alongside Vin Diesel in this film. Following Riddick as he battles the harsh elements of the alien planet and it's hungry inhabitants while spurring on a group of mercenaries out for his head. There's plenty of gore here and the creatures are fantastic - especially Riddick's new canine companion. With an incredible climax this is probably my favourite of the Riddick series so far.

I really hope a new sequel will be announced shortly - I can't get enough!

Highly recommended!

Insidious 2 - £3.89

One of the greatest recent horror movies - you'll love it!

As a huge horror movie fan, I couldn't wait to see the new sequel to Insidious. The first was a great fun horror with a strong influence from the fab movie, Poltergiest. The sequel however just blew me away! With a much stronger plot, great demons and ghosties and some genuinely terrifying scenes.

Directed by James Wan who also directed The Conjuring, Saw and the original Insidious, you know it's going to be a good film. James Wan is a modern master of Horror and will take his place in the horror hall of fame alongside Wes Craven, George Romero and the like. Apparently Insidious Chapter 2 is Wan's final horror movie and if that's true, he's certainly gone out with a bang. It's fantastic!

Highly recommended by all horror fans and those who look a very creepy ghost story...

Viva - £6.69

Fab Throwback Film

If you're a fan of sexploitation films from the 1960's, Viva is perfect for you! A throwback to these films in a similar way to Death Proof/Planet Terror, Hobo With A Shotgun and Black Dynamite but with a strong focus on the cheeky sex films of the time.

If you're a fan of films from directors such as Russ Meyer (particularly SuperVixens), sexploitation and throwback movies then you should definetly check this one out. It recieved some fantastic reviews from critics upon it's release and I totally agree with it. A great fun film that pays homage to the rather cheeky films of the 60s.

The Nurse (1975) - £12.39

Great Sexploitation Fun!

Shameless have done it again!

Their latest release, The Nurse is a great, fun slice of sleazy comedy. Staring the stunning Ursula Andress (probably the most iconic Bond girl), donning a Nurse's uniform and acting alongside Jack Palance, The Nurse is a top film for fans of exploitation and cheeky sex movies.

As a big fan of Ursula Andress (my favourite films of hers being Mountain Of The Cannibal God, She and Dr No), I couldn't wait to check out this film. The humour runs throughout the film, mixing slapstick with naughty winks and plenty of nudity!

Well worth checking out - especially for Ursula in (and out!) of the Nurse's uniform!

Snitch - £5.19

Excellent Film With The Rock!

SNITCH is a fantastic action movie with a lot of heart.

Staring Dwayne Johnson (best known as WWE's The Rock), Susan Surandon and The Walking Dead's Jon Bernthal, SNITCH tells the story of a father determined to find out the truth about what happened to his son and his mission to seek revenge. Going undercover as one of the gang, the film has a truly awesome chase scene with some great action throughout.

However, this is much more than your typical action movie! SNITCH is full of heart and you really do feel for the father. As well as the hugely impressive action sequences, there's lots of tension throughout and this makes for Dwayne's greatest performance yet, in my opinion.

I'd highly recommend this film to all action fans out there (especially Dads or those who enjoyed Taken and similar movie).

Halloween Steelbook Edition: 35th Anniversary (Blu-ray) - £10.09

The Ultimate release of the ultimate horror movie!

When it comes to horror films there's a handful of essential films that everyone needs to see, include The Exorcist, Night Of The Living Dead and this indisputable masterpiece from John Carpenter. Helping to pave the way for a whole surge of slasher movies and changing the horror genre forever, Halloween is one of the most loved and successful horrors of all time. It's no surprise really!

To celebrate the 35th Anniversary of this seminal horror, Halloween has been released in this drop dead gorgeous steelbook. It really is a thing of beauty! Containing some new special features and a new audio and HD transfer supervised by Carpenter, the film is looking better than ever! Packaged in this stunning tin it's a must have.

Highly, highly recommended to all Horror fans and film buffs looking for a classic this Halloween. Well worth getting! :)

Frankenstein's Army - £4.19

Insane Nazi Horror Movie!

What do you get when you mix Dead Snow with Silent Hill? Pure awesomeness - that's what! Frankenstein's Army is one of the most entertaining and utterly insane horror movies I've seen for a while. The basic premise is very simple - a crazy Nazi scientists is creating a master-race by combining re-animated dead bodies with machinary and technology from WWII (when this film is set).

This leaves us with some of the most original monsters in horror for a very long time. They're almost like Hellraiser's cenobites in that respect. The creatures are great fun, imaginative and very unique. Besides the monsters themselves, which superbly combine the wacky and the twisted together, the film remains frantic throughout with never a slow moment.

This is an absolute must for all fans of horror, zombie and crazy B-Movies! It's just so much fun! 10/10

No One Lives (Blu-Ray) - £3.09

Most entertaining horror in ages!

I was lucky enough to catch this film at FrightFest this year and was blown away by it. Easily the best film of the entire festival, the crowd just loved this!

No One Lives is an excellent horror movie packed with action and lots of bloody gore. The plot centers around a couple have a romantic trip together, when they come across a bunch of toughnuts. All hell breaks loose when the boyfriend turns out to be more than just a romantic sweetheart! He's a psychotic serial killer!

Plenty of great kills in this film. The lead - played brilliantly by Luke Evans - is a fantastic cross between Hannibal Lecter, Patrick Bateman from American Psycho and Halloween's Michael Myers.

Easily one of the most entertaining modern horror movies. Well worth picking up!


The Four - £5.69

Asian Action Must-See!

The Four is a superb action film from China, that all Action movie lovers need to see!

Mixing some truly breath-taking martial arts that Asian cinema has become known for with the supernatural, The Four offers a fresh new take on the genre - and a lot of fun too! With plenty of action throughout, The Four centers on a story that involves telekinesis and other strange mystical powers. Add in some adrenaline fueled Wuxia-style combat and you've got yourself a film bursting with entertaining action!

The DVD also contains a nice batch of special features too, including a few behind-the-scenes extras which make this DVD a must-have for action fans.

Check it out!

The Assassins (Blu-ray) - £6.39

Chow Yun Fat Does It Again!

Being a huge fan of Chow Yun Fat's work (especially the excellent Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon) I couldn't wait to see him in action action and The Assassins certainly does not disappoint!

Set in the distant past, The Assassins has a fantastic plot with plenty of tension, romance and, of course, action. The Assassins is easily one of the most stunning action films you'll ever seen. It's simply beautiful! The Blu-ray accentuates this brilliantly - the colours are vivid, the shots are gorgeous and the soundtrack acts as the icing on the cake. It's sheer eye-candy!

I'd highly recommend this to all fans of action cinema (especially Asian films). It's a beautiful film with a fantastic action set piece making it one of the best martial art movies I've seen in quite some time.


Power Rangers - Samurai - Vol.4 - The Ultimate Duel - £5.19

The best of the set!

Hooray - the Power Rangers are back! I picked up this DVD the other day and absolutely love it. I've now completed my Power Rangers Samurai Season 1 DVD collection and this is definitely the best of the set. All the episodes here are great and an epic ending to the show. Rhinosnorus is on the rampage and the Power Rangers are back to put a stop to it! Also included here is some of the specials too like the Halloween and Christmas ones, which are great fun.

It's a must for all Power Ranger fans! You'll looove it!

Escape - £2.99

Medieval Must-See!

Being a big fan of the Cold Prey trilogy, I couldn't wait to see what the director's new film would be like and luckily Escape not only delivered the goods, but exceeded them too! Set during the 14th century after the Black Plague had ravished the lands, Escape is full of action, gruesome moments and a fantastic plot!

With an excellent cast, set and great costumes, Escape is a must see for all fans of films like Braveheart and Robin Hood. With the director's previous work being the much loved Cold Prey series, there's plenty here that horror fans will eat up as well as action and adventure fans too!

Highly recommended - check out this little gem!

Dark Skies (2013) - £5.49

Genuinely Terrifying!

Dark Skies is easily one of the scariest sci-fi horror film I've ever seen! That's no surprise really when you consider the guys behind Paranormal Activity, Sinister and Insidious (some of the scariest - and most popular - horror movies of recent years) are responsible for this. Similar to these movies, Dark Skies has a much more science-fiction based threat that manages to play with your mind, toy with your nerves and give you plenty of shocks and jumps throughout.

With it's focus on a very likeable and believable family, Dark Skies is very similar to films like Sinister, Amityville Horror and The Entity and it really makes you relate to the characters. This makes for a film shrouded with an unshakable sense of doom and dread, with characters that you actually care for - which is pretty rare in horror films now and something that defiantly helps make this movie as frightening as it is.

The thought of alien abduction alone is very unnerving, but Dark Skies manages to get into your mind on a deeper psychological level, with an intense build up to the dramatic finale.

With a superb cast, Dark Skies is an unmissable horror film for people looking for a psychological horror movie that will be on your mind way after the film has finished. An excellent movie that's a must for those who enjoyed Sinister, Insidious, Signs, The Amityville Horror and Poltergeist.

Highly recommended!

One Direction: Going Our Way - £3.19

The One 1D Documentary You Need

If you're in love with Zayn, Louis, Liam, Harry and Niall then this is for you! Every One Directioner will love this DVD and the free poster looks great on the wall with all the other 1D stuff.

The documentary takes a look at how the boys made it big from X-Factor losers to global successes loved by all. With some great interviews, the documentary a very interesting watch that offers lots of insights to fans old and new.

Highly recommended to all 1D fans out there - the poster is a great bonus too! :)

Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn Deluxe Edition (Blu-Ray / DVD) - £6.99

A must for Halo fans...

As a big fan of the Halo games, when I heard about this DVD/Blu-ray of Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn, I was both super excited and worried at the same time. There's countless movie adaptations of Video Games over the years that have been a disappointment, from Doom to (dare I say it!) the Mario Bros movie! Thankfully, after watching this film I now know that there was no need to worry!

The movie manages to transform the Halo games into live action superbly. The costumes, dialogue, characters and settings all look fantastic and will get any Halo fan or gamer in general bubbling with excitement. The story is entertaining and packed with some great action too. I'd say this is easily among the best of the live action video game film adaptations - and is definitely up there with the likes of the Resi Evil and Silent Hill adaptations.

I'd highly, highly recommend this to all gamers out there -especially those obsessed with the world of Halo! Check it out - you'll love it.

The Collection - £6.49

One Of The Most Manic Slasher Films I've Ever Seen!

The Collection is the goriest horror-thriller I have seen by a long shot! and I can’t help but love it for that! Its horrifyingly gruesome, but keeps you hooked with morbid curiosity. Probably the best slasher film I’ve seen in a very long time.

The amount of people killed in this film is just crazy. The direction, music and gore make this a genuinely terrifying horror film.

I'd recommend this to ALL horror fans - it's a must see! - especially if you're a sucker for the Saw franchise like me.

The Bay (Blu-Ray) - £5.79

Must See Horror Movie!

The Bay is one of those horror films that just needs to be seen by every horror fan! Mixing Shivers with 28 Days Later and Jaws, The Bay is a fantastically realistic and powerful movie that's very heavy on it's eco message. This film stands heads and shoulders above other horror films, which comes as no surprise when you realise that the director behind Rain Man and Good Morning Vietnam is responsible for the film. Whilst the found footage genre has become tiring and saturated now, The Bay offers something completely different - giving the genre a much needed fresh boost.

Full of gross-out moments that are bound to get your skin crawling, this is a horror film for those who not only like a film with a message, but also for people who enjoy a fun, gruesome and disturbing roller-coaster ride of a movie!

Highly recommended - go and check it out!

Reign Of Assassins - £3.59

John Woo At His Best!

John Woo, the action legend behind films like Face/Off, Hard Boiled, Mission: Impossible II and loads more is back with this fantastic movie. Reign Of Assassins is Woo at his finest! I was hugely impressed with the action sequences in this film. They're both frantic and exciting whilst still being beautiful and breathtaking to look at.

Reign Of Assassins offers more than your typical action movie and has a truly heartfelt and emotionally involving plot to it. The character are great and the villain alone is reason enough to check out this movie. What's more awesome that a deadly touch and flaming swords?! The samurai battles are intense and there's plenty of them throughout. Nodding to such Asian action classics as Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and Hero there's A LOT to love about this movie.

Highly, highly recommended!

Chained (2012) - £3.49

A Horror Film That'll Stick With You!

When a film is about a murderous psychopath who kidnaps a young boy, chains him up and over the course of several years and countless murders, attempts to teach him to follow in his killer footsteps, you know you're in for a hard to watch film. This brilliant directly and acted film is however, rather light on the gore. It's definitely not torture porn, which it so easily could have been. Instead, what we have with Chained is a film that disturbs you through story and character rather than gross out moments. Watch this film and it'll get into your head for weeks.

Vincent D'Onofrio is fantastic in the lead and puts in one of the best performances of his entire career - matching Full Metal Jacket. If you're a fan of films such as Henry: Portrait Of A Serial Killer and are looking for a movie that is both shocking, disturbing yet enthralling, I'd highly recommend this one! It's a rare thing for a horror film to have a powerful impact on you emotionally, rather than grossing audiences and Chained does it fantastically.

Get it!

Great British Railway Journeys - Series 3 - £15.09

Fascinating, Intriguing & Entertaining.

I have been hooked on Great British Railway Journey's ever since I saw the 2nd series on the BBC. It's one of the most interesting shows on TV, delving into the fascinating and often surprising history of the UK and the railway. Michael Portillo is a fantastic presenter, full of charisma, passion and knowledge that really makes the show a nice easy-to-watch, relaxing programme.

The third series is probably my favourite of the four (so far) as Portillo visits my local area of East Anglia (among other areas of the UK). In this series he uncovers the dark secrets of Great Yarmouth and it's morbid booming business of body-snatching, looks at the fascinating story behind the UK's underwater Atlantis-like city, discovers one of the most amazing people to have existed and so, so much more. As well as East Anglia, in this series he also visits Windsor, Isle Of Wight, Poole, Oxford, Newport, Cardiff, Cockermouth, Bray, Dublin, Enfield , Belfast, Londonderry and many other locations.

This is perfect viewing for fans of Michael Palin's travelogues, Coast and other such great shows. The third series is a perfect starting point too for those new to the show.

Highly recommended for those who have an interest in the UK and it's often forgotten history. I'm not a train enthusiast, but still absolutely love this show!