British Film Comedy: The 50s [DVD]

Release Date: 29 October 2018 | Certificate: Universal, suitable for all
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HAPPY IS THE BRIDE David proposes to Janet in the middle of a cricket match, a prospect less-than-enthusiastically received by Janet's prosperous father and the two lovebirds find romance being replaced by a regiment of interfering relatives! Starring IAN CARMICHAEL, JANETTE SCOTT, CECIL PARKER, TERRY-THOMAS and JOYCE GRENFELL 1957 | 1.66:1 | Black and White | Mono | English | 81 mins | Cert U INTO THE BLUE Mr and Mrs Fergusson are relaxing on board a yacht off the coast of France their only crew, the skipper-owner and his adopted daughter. On taking a turn around the deck, however, Mr Fergusson is put-out to discover a stowaway helping himself to the comforts of their dinghy! Starring MICHAEL WILDING, ODILE VERSOIS, JACK HULBERT, CONSTANCE CUMMINGS and EDWARD RIGBY 1950 | 1.33:1 | Black and White | Mono | English | 81 mins | Cert U FATHER'S DOING FINE A widowed mother has to contend with the love affairs of her two unmarried daughters, some worthless shares, a thieving butler, the unpaid rent, the matrimonial difficulties of a third daughter and the imminent motherhood of the eldest! Starring RICHARD ATTENBOROUGH, HEATHER THATCHER, SUSAN STEPHEN, PETER HAMMOND and VIRGINIA McKENNA 1952 | 1.33:1 | Colour | Mono | English | 80 mins | Cert U THE MARCH HARE Sir Charles Hare gambles everything on one of his horses at Ascot and loses everything, including the racing stud that was the chief delight of his life! However, his aunt attends the sale and buys a promising foal which she intends to raise in secret for Charles... Starring PEGGY CUMMINS, TERENCE MORGAN, WILFRID HYDE WHITE, MARTITA HUNT and DERRICK DE MARNEY 1955 | 2.35:1 | Colour | Mono | English | 82 mins | Cert U
Release Date: 29 October 2018
Certificate: U - Universal - Suitable for all
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