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The Wanted - Word of Mouth (Music CD) - £4.19


The Wanted are back with their 3rd studio album “Word of Mouth”, 18 months after their last instalment. Boasting 5 hit singles, such as I found You, We Own The Night and Walk Like Rihanna it sure to keep any fans of The Wanted happy.

Keane - The Best of Keane (Music CD) - £6.79

Keane at their Best

Its hard to find someone that has never heard of at least one Keane song. A constant in the charts throughout the early 2000’s with hits such as Everybody’s Changing, Is It Any Wonder? And Somewhere Only We Know its sure to please any lover of pop music with a mellow sound and riffs that get stuck in your head for days.

Eminem - The Marshall Mathers LP II (Music CD) - £6.19

Rap God

Eminem is back to his old lose yourself best in The Marshall Mathers LP2. Where his previous couple of albums seemed made to please the charts, this one he obviously made to please himself. There are some killer tracks like Rap God and Love Game dotted over the album. There are also some lyrics and one liners which you can’t help but burst into laughter over. Brilliant and fun, the only complaint I have is that I’m not used to hearing him sample old classics, but that’s something I can get used to if all his music ends up like this.

Call of Duty: Ghosts (PS3) - £6.49

CoD 10.0

Usually I would think there is no point writing a review for any Call of Duty, its got one of the largest fan followings of any game, but I couldn’t resist. Ghosts picks up pretty much where the developers left off, there’s no great leap in graphics and game play is fundamentally the same. The offline is pretty good as always, if a little predictable. The story is solid and there are some really great missions. Flying the Osprey or having to fend off a shark with a knife, it goes from deep space to the deep ocean. But Call of Duty has never been about the story mode has it…

Online is what makes Call of Duty so popular, mainly due to how easy it is. I’ve got to admit the maps online split me 50/50. Some are great fun and others are so unbelievably horrendous a rage quit is always on the cards. Overall this game seems like a step backward to me. Infected is brought down from 18 to 12 players, Hardcore is now a campers dream and don’t get me started on thermal scopes. Whose bright idea was that? I’m being harsh on this game because it always had the potential to be so much more and I honestly believe IW are just cashing in now. Despite that, its still fun to play online and always will be. The load out customization options are a good idea, but squad points limit you to what you can get, although they are easily obtained. The perks play an even bigger part in this game compared to the others and the list of them is extensive.

I’m slightly disappointed with the clear lack of effort and some of the changes in the game modes. The best thing about MW3 was infected, the best thing about Ghosts is Safeguard. Safeguard is by far one of the best game modes I’ve ever played. You and a friend making a stand against unlimited waves of enemies to get stronger as the waves keep coming. In-between gun, perk and kill streak pickups your guy turns into a one man tank. Despite its flaws, its still fun game and I enjoy playing it. At least until I rage quit.

Terraria (PS3) - £14.39

2D Workforce

Luckily with this game on the console, you start off with a tutorial to help you out. It doesn’t just chuck you in and hope you survive the night unlike the PC version. The basic principal of this game is that you cut, mine and fight your way through Terraria. You collect items as you go and use them to create other items, such as armor, potions and even furniture. As simple as it sounds, the endless possibilities in everything really leave you wanting to explore and discover new stuff. Even the monsters you fight are different!

You can dig anywhere you want, digging up to find floating islands or down to find some hidden treasure. There are a wealth of opportunities in the world, and it all starts with a few tools and some trees. What follows is up to you.

Batman Arkham Origins (PS3) - £10.29

I Am Batman

This is how this game makes me feel. As a prequel to the previous two instalments it carries on in a similar fashion. Like Arkham City its set in an open world ready to explore. The story itself is really fun and introduces you to a number of villains throughout Batman’s comic book adventures. Its Christmas eve and Black Mask has put a bounty of Batman’s head, $50,000,000 to the winner. Fighting your way through various different assassins, swat and simple gang members you must save the people of Gotham from getting hurt in your crossfire.

There’s so much to do in this game it’s hard to know where to start. After every fight, objective and collectable you gain experience, which enables you to choose new gadgets, abilities and combos. It’s quite fun to see how your Batman goes from nothing to a total bad-ass who can string together combo’s like no one’s business. With several side missions, including Enigma’s riddles, there’s enough in this game to keep you occupied for a long while. That’s without the online multiplayer which the developers put in. However my experience with the online is limited as it’s very hard to find a game, not many people play it, but it’s still a nice touch. The combat is fun and smooth as is most of the game play, definitely a great game to play. Perfect for everyone, not just Batman fans.

The Great Gatsby (2013) - £6.19

Gatsby is Great

I’ll start off by admitting I’ve never read the book, so I had no idea what to expect. What I found after watching this film is that I really wanted to read the book. Push through the first 10 minutes, get used to modern music being played in the background of a 1920s depression ridden America, and I guarantee you will love it. I felt genuine emotions throughout the film for the characters because of how well they were all played. Once again Di’Caprio delivers a great performance, supported brilliantly by Joel Edgerton and Toby Maguire(yes even after he ruined spiderman). The depth and complexity in the characters left me speechless and so did the ending. Be prepared to listen, this film is full of dialogue and it’s the interaction that makes the film. Great watch that keeps you hooked until the end.

Despicable Me 2 (DVD) - £1.99

No Longer the Evil Genius

This film picks up after the first with Gru being recruited by the Anti-Villain defence league to help deal with a dangerous new super villain. More importantly though we get to see the Minions again, which although milked slightly, are just as funny as they were before. Another instalment see’s this heart-warming family film make you laugh out loud all the way through. Kids are guaranteed to love this film, and so are adults.

Pacific Rim (2013) - £6.19

Monsters v Robots

Sound good to you? Then you’ll definitely like this film. I’ll say one thing though; take the film as it is, a simple action blockbuster. If you looks past some scenes of pure cheesiness and don’t try to make it more than it is, you’ll enjoy the ride. It has some absolutely spectacular CGI throughout, the battles really are awesome. The acting isn’t bad and the plot does at some points lose itself, but for the most point I found it really entertaining. So if you want a complex, meaningful and thoughtful film, don’t watch it. If you just want to see some destruction and have a bit of fun, this films for you.

Monsters University - £5.49

Fun, friendly and a great laugh.

Disney's Pixar are back with their prequel, Monsters University. Once again we're re-introduced to the lovable duo of Mike and Sully as they are about to embark on their university adventure. We know that in Monsters Inc, Mike and Sully are the best of friends, but Monsters University tells us that it was not always so.

A great story with some fantastic characters (my personal favourite is Art, you'll see why!), it blends the monsters world with an old American university spin. Perfect for kids and i'll be honest, pretty good for adults too, be prepared to laugh out loud...a lot. Not only that but there are some very good moral undertones throughout. There is only one problem with this film, if you buy it for youngsters, expect to be made to watch it several hundred times. Although with how good this film is, thats not such a bad thing.

World War Z (2013) - £6.29

A fast paced feeding frenzy!

Forget about all those other zombie horror genre flicks you've seen. The ones that take half the film to get into it snd even then its just the usual zombie jumping from a wardrobe. This film has a high octane story with non-stop action from the start.

Brad Pitt plays a former UN Inspector who races against the clock to disover the origin of the outbreak, not only to save his family, but also humankind. With great special effects and some very scary zombies, it'll keep you on the edge of your seat. Although slightly cheesy in parts(very slightly) it more than makes up for it with its action and suspense. If you like "28 Days Later" then this is a must watch film for you!