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Reviewer: Chriis8306
Reviews Written: 5

UFC - Undisputed 3 (PS3) - £14.49

The best mma fight

Great game,expecaily Pride mode,which is the beginning of the MMA fighting.Great carrer mode,and solid multiplayer give this game 5 star.The MMA is all about this!!!!

Mass Effect 3 (PS3) - £8.69

Mass Effect 3

Great game,superb graphich,great battle mode,but bad end,and predictable story.With the more fluid story and the end,the game will be perfect,but no one be sorry to buy this game!!!

Uncharted 3 - Drake's Deception (PS3) - £10.59

Ps 3 is all about this.....

Uncharted 3 is the best game that can be found on PlayStation 3.Playstation 3 eksluziv si completely suceed.Amazing and beautiful graphics with a very compelling storyline make this game the best blacbusterom on playstation 3.If you have not yet decided to buy a playstaion 3 Here's the reason why the playstaion 3 best console.Highly recommend all gamers to play this game for they know not what they are missing.

5 stars

Battlefield 3 - Limited Edition (PS3) - £16.19

The best shooter in town


I must say that i am very impressed with a new Battlefield 3.With a new engine,the game looks great.Campaign isnt very atractive but the multiplayer is great.With a lots of new stuff the EA is in this area humiliate competition,and raise multiplayer gaming on a new lavel.I highly recommended the game to all people becouse who dosent play Battlefield 3 can not be called real game player.

Crysis 2 (PS3) - £11.19

Best of the best


I bought this game 25 may, and after a month of waiting, finally the game arrived to my address. Even though I played the first two parts on the PC,this part is quite different from the previous two.What's different?!! The graphics!!!Graphics is one of the most beautiful ever seen on any one console.Game is with great graphics, a good story and a very good and fun multiplayer, which is not like battlefield 2 bad company, or the call of duty, but will not leave anyone indifferent.With super great price at which I bought the game on your site, this game can only give 5 stars.Keep it a good work EA......By