Davina - Super Body Workout

Release Date: 08 December 2008 | Certificate: Exempt
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My personal trainer Mark is an ex-Marine, and runs my workouts like a real Sergeant Major, so we decided that military style fitness training would be a great concept for the DVD. It’s fun and pacy, full of variety and gets the very best results. Each routine is completely self-contained and designed to work your whole body. There are two complete 40 minute routines for you to do and both of them include their own warm-up and cool-down, so no excuses for skipping those bits! Super Sculpt is designed to really tone up your whole body, and has aerobic intervals to make sure there’s some essential fat-burning going on. Super Fit is full of fantastic aerobic kickboxing. You’ll love it and again, it’ll work your whole body but with the emphasis on building fitness and burning fat. If you have time for a longer routine, and to add even more variety, there are also three 50 minute options for you to choose from: Super Legs combines the Super Sculpt routine with an extra ten minutes concentrating on your legs and bum. Super Pump uses the Super Sculpt routine but with an added ten minutes of upper body exercises. Super Abs is an extra ten minutes of abdominals exercises added to the Super Fit workout. Super Six Pack is if you want a six pack like mine, we’ve got this ten minute routine especially for you. Try to do one of the routines three times a week. Mix them up too we don’t want you to get bored. If you’re eating sensibly as well, this is enough to whip you into shape, I promise.

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Region 2
Sound: Dolby Digital
Main Language: English
Release Date: 08 December 2008
Certificate: E - Exempt from Certification
SKU: 2EDVD0350