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Reviewer: grant123
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One Direction - Midnight Memories (Ultimate Edition) (Music CD) - £8.59

A more mature sound..

The opening song has the exact same into the Baba O'Riley, so once I'd got over the confusion of whether I had the right CD, (the second song has some mumford-and-sons-esque banjo), I was actually very pleasantly surprised how listen-able the new 1D album was. For older fans like myself (ie. not in my teens), the album is less cringe and more substance with the boys opting for a more mature sound and more interesting lyrics. Some nice harmonies and also good to see that they were all credited on the album as writers (apart from Zayn).

Katy Perry - Prism (Deluxe Edition) (Music CD) - £13.19

Katy does it again!

Great, catchy pop songs that can empower and hold attention WITHOUT any reference to 'molly' or twerking. Plus Katy can actually sing! Nice mixture of upbeat dance-y numbers and sulky slow ballads.

Katy Perry - Part Of Me - £5.69

Changed my opinion of Katy Perry

I wasn't a Katy Perry fan before I had this DVD bought for me by a (slightly misguided but well intentioned) Auntie. However, by the end I was tapping my foot and even sympathising with the bubblegumtastic pop princess. I know it was probably a giant piece of multi-million pound record company propaganda... but I enjoyed it and it was fun. Was interesting to see how involved she is in her own songwriting process.. a surprise!

World War Z (2013) - £6.29

Better than expected 8/10

Can't say I am much of zombie film lover, and to be quite honest I was not looking forward to watching this... however was pleasantly surprised and found it to be gory but with a good amount of actual story line... Brad Pitt probably helped retain my interest!

Mangaged to make the 'traditional zombie outbreak narrative' an interesting story, enjoyed the unravelling of the mystery and the special effects as the outbreak multiplied were jaw-dropping and realistic (as one could imagine). Can't get the birds eye shot of the domino-like spreading of the infected around Jerusalem out of my head!

Doctor Who: The Day of the Doctor - 50th Anniversary Special - £6.29

A must buy for all doctor who fans!

The extras on the DVD alone were worth the purchase of mad-Moffat's 50th anniversary special. Fan's of the much underated 8th Doctor Paul McGann will miss out if they don't get the chance to see the seven minute 'Night of the Doctor' special which was previously only available for a short time on the BBC website.


'Night of the Doctor' is crucial because we get to see Paul McGann regenerate into Hurt. Yes, it was confusing to what Whovians all over the world considered the chronological timeline of doctors, but it did make for an exciting twist which lay the foundations for what was to be a comic, and touching, 50th anniversary special. Who knows where series 8 will go now!

Loved seeing Matt Smith and David Tennant together on screen - although it was even more heartbreaking hearing Tennant's last words for the second time over - 'I don't want to leave'. John Hurt was also a class act and the cameo from Tom Baker almost makes up for the fact that Christopher 'I'm above this' Eccleston couldn't have distanced himself from the show any further.

An episode which changes the direction of the whole show! Unmissable