Evanescence - Fallen (Music CD)

Release Date: 28 September 2009
Artist: Evanescence
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  • 1. Going Under
  • 2. Bring Me To Life
  • 3. Everybody's Fool
  • 4. My Immortal
  • 5. Haunted
  • 6. Tourniquet
  • 7. Imaginary
  • 8. Taking Over Me
  • 9. Hello
  • 10. My Last Breath
  • 11. Whisper
  • 12. My Immortal
Release Date: 28 September 2009
Artist: Evanescence

Product Reviews

fallen evanescence

this album is full of envigorating music that people could happily listen to day in day out, i first fell in love with evanescence`s music when i found one of her songs on youtube, since then i have become addicted to her music and i think that anyone who doesnt like it is silly

Great Album

Fell in love with Evanescence from the day I heard 'Bring Me To Life' and then went on to fall in love with this album, there's not a single song I don't like on it which is rare to find these days, recommended.

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