Final Fantasy X (PS2)

Release Date: 02 May 2003 | Certificate: Suitable for 11 years and over
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Final Fantasy X is the first title in this landmark RPG series to be released for the PlayStation 2. The main characters are Tidus, a star of blitzball (a hugely popular sport in the Final Fantasy universe) and Yuna, who has learned the art of summoning and controlling aeons, powerful spirits of yore. These two people of different backgrounds must work together as they journey through the world of Spira. This instalment of Final Fantasy has a distinctly Asian influence, bringing a fresh feel to the characters, music, settings, and story.


  • Milestone role-playing game
  • High polygon, motion-captured characters
  • Camera automatically adjusts to character movement
  • Voiceovers for the first time in the series
  • Rotate characters in and out at any time
Release Date: 02 May 2003
Certificate: ELSPA 11+ - ELSPA Minimum Age 11
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