Gioteck TX-50 Premium Stereo Gaming Headset (PS4)

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Introducing the Gioteck tx-50 stereo headset.The tx-50 is engineered for epic online battles in mind. With 50mm High impact drivers enabling you to track every footsteps, get ready to feel the advantage in online gaming. Over-ear soft alacantara cushions allow for precise delivery of sound with extreme comfort for long gaming sessions. The flexible metal mic guarantees that your team hear every command. Soft-touch Rubberised finish, precision extender arms and perforated Steel cups make sure that the tx-50's outside packs as much of a punch as it's inside. Gioteck - come get some.

  • 50mm High impact drivers
  • Minimum feedback Lucid chat
  • Tactile rubber finish
  • Alacantra cushioning
  • Robust build quality
  • Discreet inline control