Gun Club VR (PS4 PSVR)

Release Date: 03 July 2020
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Take to the range with an arsenal of the world’s most powerful weaponry in Gun Club VR.

Addictive gameplay and unsurpassed realism combine to make Gun Club VR the ultimate virtual weapon simulator. The only thing missing is the smell of the gunpowder.

  • STRIKING REALISM Highly detailed & fully interactive weapon models. Developed on real-world ballistics, you can handle, load, cock & fire these weapons. Flick off the safety, select burst or full auto, extend the stock or rack the slide to clear a round.
  • UPGRADE & CUSTOMISE Unlock hundreds of attachments and upgrades for your weapons. The picatinny rail system allows for limitless customisation. Stocks and scopes, extended mags & laser sights: customise your weapons to fit any scenario.
  • PROGRESSION Earn cash & rankings based on your performance to progress. Hundreds of events including hostage rescue & sniper scenarios to the zombie apocalypse.
Release Date: 03 July 2020