Homeworld 3 - Collector's Edition (PC)

Release Date: 30 June 2023
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Pre-order, Due for release on 30 June 2023

Assume fleet command with a selection of spectacular, true-to-scale Homeworld 3 ships, including the all-new Khar-Kushan Mothership. The Hiigaran Navy is complemented by a selection of uniquely crafted physical and digital goods including the base game and its Year One pass. Physical items in the Collector’s Edition include:

The Mothership, Khar-Kushan:
  • This lovingly crafted 14” (35.6cm) model features USB-powered LEDs illuminating the ship’s engines, ports, and launch bays. Details include a removable bay door capable of displaying the Destroyer and authentic sounds from the game. The Mothership comes equipped with a dual positioned stand to accommodate both vertical and horizontal display options to best fit your set up.

Hiigaran Destroyer:
  • This 3 in. (7.62cm) model of the all-purpose capital ship is the vessel your enemies always dread seeing.

Hiigaran Torpedo Frigate:
  • Brimming with imposing launchers, the 1.8 in. (4.5cm) Torpedo Frigate is a devastating threat to enemy capital ships.

Hiigaran Recon in delta formation:
  • The eyes and ears of Fleet Command, these 1.2 in. (3cm) models represent the fastest ships in the Hiigaran fleet.

WW2-inspired spotter deck
  • Ship recognition playing cards featuring the fleets of Homeworld 3 and perhaps a surprise or two.

Homeworld 3 logo keychain
Homeworld 3 key art lithograph

Additionally, the Homeworld 3 Collector’s Edition will also feature a solid lineup of digital goods, including:

Homeworld 3 base game Steam key:
  • Assume control and battle through fleet combat in dazzling, fully 3D space while the award-winning story unfolds on a galactic scale.

Homeworld 3 Year One Pass:
  • A collection of content expanding the gameplay of multiple modes in Homeworld 3

Homeworld 3 soundtrack by Paul Ruskay
Ship decals
Multiplayer name colors
Release Date: 30 June 2023

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