Meshuggah - Chaosphere Reloaded (Music CD)

Release Date: 08 September 2008
Artist: Meshuggah
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By the time Mehshuggah finished 1998's CHAOSPHERE, their transformation into indestructible cyborgs was nearly complete. The album nearly glints with the steely, monochromatic menace of a dangerous, complex killing machine. More equations than songs, the music derives power from relentlessly innovative time signatures that stop on a dime with a precision that defies belief. "New Millenium Cyanide Christ" scrapes and drills while singer Jens Kidman barks out his harsh philosophy like a madman, and the closer "Elastic" compresses industrial strength blues riffs until they're as flat and hard as a scalpel.

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1. Concatenation
2. New Millennium Cyanide Christ
3. Corridor Of Chameleons
4. Neurotica
5. Mouth Licking What You've Bled
6. Sane The Exquistit Machinery Of Torture
7. Elastic
8. San [Demo Version]
9. Future Breed Machine [Mayhem Version]
10. Futile Breed Machine [Campfire Version]
11. Future Breed Machine [Quant's Quantastical O La La]
12. Future Breed Machine [Remix]

Release Date: 08 September 2008
Artist: Meshuggah