Meshuggah - Contradictions Reloaded (Music CD)

Release Date: 15 September 2008
Artist: Meshuggah
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While Sweden's monolithic Meshuggah are better known these days as a mind-melting unit of austere, calculus-metal polyrhythmic destruction, their debut album, CONTRADICTIONS COLLAPSE, shows them still figuring out the equation and hewing closer to thrash orthodoxy. Their skill is certainly apparent in knotty thrash epics like "Erroneous Manipulation" and the caustic "Greed," with popping, surprisingly funky bass and shifting rhythms reminiscent of Anthrax's best material. But they really start to sound like the scraping, precise machine they'd eventually become on later tracks like "Sickening" and "Gods of Rapture."

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1. Paralyzing Ignorance
2. Erroneous Manipulation
3. Abnegating Cecity
4. Internal Evidence
5. Qualms Of Reality
6. We'll Never See The Day
7. Greed
8. Choirs Of Devastation
9. Cadaverous Mastication
10. Humilative
11. Sickening
12. Ritual
13. Gods Of Rapture

Release Date: 15 September 2008
Artist: Meshuggah