Moby - Play (Music CD)

Release Date: 17 May 1999
Artist: Moby
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Between its release in 1999 and early 2002, ten million copies of Moby's 'Play' had been sold worldwide. Each of the tracks on the album were used on advertisements. The entire record was created in Moby's bedroom studio and he wrote, arranged, produced and performed each track.

1. Honey
2. Find My Baby
3. Porcelain
4. Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad
5. Southside
6. Rushing
7. Bodyrock
8. Natural Blues
9. Machete
10. 7
11. Run On
12. Down Slow
13. If Things Were Perfect
14. Ever Loving
15. Inside
16. Guitar Flute And String
17. Sky Is Broken
18. My Weakness

Release Date: 17 May 1999
Artist: Moby

Product Reviews

My favourite Moby album

This is easily my favourite Moby album, and, from what I've heard of his material, most definitely his most accessible and commercial release.

With 'Play', chances are you'll have heard snippets of a fair chunk of this album before if you were around in the late 90's - not just from radio play, but from the various TV adverts and various other media the tracks found their way onto. It really did suffer from exposure overkill! But, with that said, some of these songs really are great - the stand out songs being 'Porcelain', 'Find My Baby' and 'Why Does My Heart...'.

This album is melancholic, poppy, super catchy and packed with well used samples - so if that sounds up your street, you could do a lot worse than checking it out.