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Bruce Springsteen - The Promise: Darkness on the Edge of Town Story (3 CD/3 Blu-ray Box Set) (Music CD) - £66.49

The Boss's boss boxset

An immediate Bruce Springsteen collection in one box. A must have if you want to get into Bruce.

The Complete Goodnight Sweetheart - (11 Disc Box Set) - £19.99

Another great Nicholas Lyndhurst production

This was a fantastic next step for Nicholas Lyndhurst after his Fools and Horses fame and the quirky, original story line of a man travelling between two time zones makes for great viewing.

Heroes Season 4 - £17.39

Great start, poor ending

Another reviewer has already stated this, but it matches with my experience so well that I had to write to agree.

Heroes was awesome for the first two seasons. It really was something a little different and, perhaps learning from Lost just before it, it had you wondering what on earth was going on. Unlike Lost though, you weren't completely in the dark and everything was plausible enough and questions were answered quickly enough to keep you really interested in what was going to happen next.

Season 3 struggled to keep this up. The story had been played out in Seasons 1 and 2 and Season 3 seemed to be stringing it out to benefit from the popularity. By Season 4 I was only still watching it because I had put the effort into three seasons already. I hate starting a book and not finishing it. I want to know what the conclusion is and I'll wade through a lot of boring stuff to get to it.

I did watch this to the very end, but, only to see the writers conclusions, and looking back, I can't really recall what the conclusion was. It has slipped from my mind, clearly not impressive enough for me to find a permament shelf in my memory for it.

O'Neill Woodstock Short Sleeved Shirt - £24.99

Great casual fitted shirt

I bought this shirt just before going away for a couple of weeks for a city/beach break and I ended up getting it washed twice so I caouls keep wearing it.

It's a fitted shirt and looks great over another t-shirt or just by itself. It has press studs instead of buttons which I usually don't like as they constantly coming undone, but, with this shirt, that never happened. I don;t know if that was the fit of the shirt, or, just that the size was spot on for me.

I got the shirt in a small, as recommended in the size guide, and it fits me really well. Very happy with it.

Lie To Me - Season 1 - Complete - £8.39

Another Great American TV Series with an English Lead

Perhaps not in the same league of popularity as House with English actor Hugh Grant, Lie To Me still manages to hold your interest in every episode. I agree that at times, Dr. Cal Lightman's infallable ability to know anyhting at all just by looking at a person is overplayed and overused, butm I guess that's the weight that the writers put around their necks when they came up with the concept of a specialist in applied psychology through microexpressions.

Tim Roth's Dr. Cal Lightman character does add more to each episode and his grwoing relationships, with his family and his work colleagues are deep enough to add an extra dimension to this series.

I Love You Phillip Morris - £4.89

Usually this is my kind of movie

I was more than interested when I first heard of this Ewan McGregor, Jim Carrey movie, but, ultimately, was disappointed when I watched it.

This movie, much like Tom Hank's Catch Me If You Can, is so much more interesting for being based on a true story, but, I suspect that like Catch Me If You can, the autobiography of the main character will be so much more revealing and interesting.

Cemetery Junction [DVD] [2010] - £2.79

A Ricky Gervais film worth watching

I love Ricky Gervais, he's hilarious and talented, but, let's face it, the movies he's been in, The Invention Of Lying, Ghost Town, Night At The Museum 2, are not movies that I could give any four or even 3 star rating to.

Cemetery Junction is different. Written by Gervais and Merchant and filmed in the UK, Gervais stars in the movie but takes a back seat to the main characters who act out this coming of age tale well. This film is not a laugh a minute gag-fest, rather a well written, flowing story set that is filled with humourous references and well placed humourous asides. Even though Gervais is not the star, his relationship with his live-in mother-in-law is hilarious and suits Gervais down to the ground. Credit to him for not trying to completely steal the limelight in this movie.

Matador, The - £4.19

An excellent and unexpected follow up to Pierce Brosnan's Bond Movies

One of Brosnan's first movies after leaving the Bond franchise, his role in The Matador is amazingly different to the Bond character he created.

Essentially, he's playing a very simialr role, that of an international hit man. But any similarities stop there. He plays Julian Noble who is like the deranged, Big Mac eating, Margharita swilling older brother of James Bond.

Julian Noble: I am a big fan of the "Everybody's got to pee" theory of assassination.

He loves and hates his work and he's in the middle of a crisis of confidence, paranoid and almost schizophrenic in his ability to complete, or not complete, a hit. Meeting a salesman in a bar in Mexico is the point when he decides to just tell someone the truth about what he does. But something like that can't be unsaid and the two of them have a bond (<-- see what I did there?) that they can't just walk away from.

The Big Bang Theory - Seasons 1-3 - £34.79

Excellent US TV Comedy

Leonard and Sheldon are like our geeky cousins that we keep up to date with via an ultimate future version of Facebook that allows us to see their lives in video rather than just pictures, posts and pokes!

After 3 series of watching them develop and following their relationships, success and failures, it really does feel like they are family memebers that we get regular updates. This is the sign of a TV series that I just couldn't miss. Thy haven't even started to talk about canning the show and I'm already worrying that, at some point, eventually, ultimately, they'll stop making more episodes of The Big Bang Theory. I dread it happening.

True Blood - Season 3 - £13.89

Sexy, witty and unabashedly peculiar - USA Today

True Blood has received some mixed reviews since its initial launch, but, by the end of the third series, this TV series was hitting the mark and pulling in spectacular numbers of viewers. Series 3 established True Blood as HBO's most watched series since the Sopranos.

Fleetwood Mac - Rumours (Music CD) - £9.59

One of the top 10 best selling albums of all time

Fleetwood Mac's Rumours is one of the Top 10 selling albums of all time, with well over 40 million sales worldwide (Top of this list is Michael Jackson's Thriller with over 110 million sales worldwide, but no other album has even half as many sales as that).

Even if you're not familiar with the album, we've pretty much all heard tracks from as they a re-used so often in so many movies, documentaries and ads. Tracks like Don't Stop and Go Your Own Way. If you don't recognise those names, I'm sure you'll recognise the songs when you hear them played.

Rumours was Fleetwood Mac's 11th album and was significantly more successful than practically every album they had released prior to this.

Aladdin (Disney) - £4.89

My favourite Disney animation

Yes, it's the musical numbers that really make it for me. Even better than The Jungle Book and Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin makes my number 1 Disney animated movie slot. The combination of great songs from Tim Rice and the excellent humour and character from Robin Williams as the Genie make this one their best.

James Bond - Casino Royale - £4.19

Bond is dead, Long Live James Bond!

Daniel Craig is Bond. In just this one movie he has established himself as the best James Bond of the lot. I know that we all relate to whichever actor played James Bond when we were kids, but, putting that childhood attachment aside, Daniel Criag has created an excellent younger, grittier and far more realistic Bond character than we've ever seen before. The Bond franchise is surely going to be all the better for it.

I Lego N.Y. (Board book) - £9.18

Lego minimalism

I love this book. For anyone that has even a little knowledge of N.Y., all of the Lego representations, even though the use the fewest Lego pieces imagainable, scream of New York's landmarks and trademarks.

Down And Out In Paris And London - £6.83

To tell a story, you have to have lived a little

Orwell certainly experienced some of the extremes of life, all of which undoubtedly helped him produce the works that he did. Reading Down and Out in London and Paris, I was enthralled and amazed at the life Orwell had had.

This was an excellent read and I would highly recommend it.

Boy A - £6.23

An excellent debut novel from Jonathan Triggel

Boy A is loosely based on the Jamie Bulgar story that hit the UK in 1993. Two young boys took a little child and did the unthinkable, they killed him. In Jonathan Trigell's Boy A, a similar childhood event sees the protaganist finally released from incarceration having spent his adolescence in custody. So heinous is his crime, and so well reported in the press where he was always referred to as Boy A, he must choose a new name and create a new identity for himself, or face undoubted vitreol from the public.

Trigell tells the story of the boy in this situation. Having been involved in an unthinkable act when he was a small child, he must now navigate a life under a pseudonym and maintain a made up life story in order to fit in and to establish new friends.

The West Wing - Complete Season 1-7 (Slimline Box Set) - £55.99

The Best TV Series Ever!

The West Wing is magnificent TV.

Fast paced, intelligent insight into the day to day operation of the White House and its staff, even for a UK viewer this series quickly becomes unmissable after watching just a few episodes.

Lost - Season 1-6 Complete Boxset - £42.99

If you haven't seen this, buy this now, you won't regret it.

I'm assuming that most people have heard of the American TV series Lost. I also think that most people reading this review of it will have watched, some, if not quite a bit of, if not every single episode of, Lost.

If you are in the group of people that hasn't seen Lost, or if you watched a bit of it and didn't quite understand it, well, I can only plead with you to buy this boxset and watch it from the beginning. There are some things you're not supposed to understand, but I'll bet you'll love Lost!

Little Shop Of Horrors (1986) - £5.99

If I can move and I can talk, who's to say I can't do anything I want?

A rock musical, based on a black comedy, with Steve Martin. I was always going to love this movie.

The comedy songs are the main stars of this film, which does no disservice to the stars who play in it, it just recognises how good the songs and lyrics are.

Pushing Daisies - Series 1 - £5.39

Excellent, quirky American TV

This was an unexpected delight from the makers of American TV. A quirky fairy tale that is as much a visual treat as an interesting story. Heavily influenced by the french film, Amélie, I'm sure this is part of what makes it so appealing to european viewers.

Amelie (2 Disc Special Edition) - £6.39

Quirky, French and Fantastic

I'm a musicals man, you can tell from many of my other reviews, but, I love the French too and this marvellously orignal french movie can be added to my Top 10 movies even though it lacks the song and dance numbers that make any movie for me.

Amélie's originality, Its original French title is Le Fabuleux Destin d'Amélie Poulain meaning "The Fabulous Destiny of Amélie Poulain", has sparked many copies and references in homage to this great visual feast and heart-warming tale.

The american TV series Pushing Daisies is based heavily on the look and feel of Amélie and in the Disney animated blockbuster, Up In The Air, a subplot shows a cardboard cutout of the heroes sister photographed in interesting places. They refer to this as 'like that gnome in the french movie'

French Lieutenants Woman (1981) - £6.19

Watching this in 2011, I didn't really get it

When I saw this was on Sky, it was an immediate must record! I've never seen this story within a story movie before or read any of the original books it is based on (The French Lieutenant’s Woman (1969), by John Fowles, is a period novel inspired by the 1823 novel Ourika, by Claire de Duras).

The book is famous for its alternative endings, happy and sad, and Pinter cleverly incorporates this into the movie having the historical characters in the film within the film acheive a happy ending, but having the actors that play these characters suffer the unhappy ending.

All told, I sat throught the 2 hour movie reasonably happily. Happy to be adding another classic movie to the list of movies I have seen, but, I did not look back at the end of it and think of it as a great. The story was not overly interesting and it stumbled alon for me.

Having been nominated for 5 acadaemy awards back in its day, perhaps my view if it is spoiled by the comparison with other modern day productions.

Doctor Who - The New Series: The Complete Series 5 - £15.49

Is this the best Doctor Who series ever?

The BBC really seems to have got Doctor Who right with this series. Matt Smith is an excellently quirky Doctor and the writing for each episode of this series is fantastic. SOme of the story lines have real depth. And, the spcial effects, sets and onl ocation shooting are fantastic. Gone are the days of men dressed up in poorly fitting monster suits. The creatures and characters in this latest series of Doctor Who really stack up to modern day standards.

The King's Speech - £6.49

Colin Firth's Annus Magnificus

The stammering star finally receives his Oscar win for portraying King George VI's unexpected and unwanted coronation as King of the United Kingdom.

In a movie that spends much of its time showing only two people in one room, and which focusses heavily on the dialogue between these two men, it may not be surprising that both actors emerge from this successful film with a raft of award nominations, all of which seem very well deserved.

The Hangover - £3.59

What do tigers dream of, when they take a little tiger snooze.

The Hangover takes the well used plot of men celebrating a friends last big night before marriage and makes it properly funny again.

As our heroes try to unravel their actions during a riotous night out in Las Vegas, the plot takes more twists and turns than San Francisco's Lombard Street. Always in pursuit of their missing friend Doug, the guys retrace thier steps and unravel the few clues that they have to track him down and to deal with the consequences of what is either the best, or the worst, night of their lives.

Best Little Whorehouse In Texas - £6.19

And I Will Always Love You.....

Forget The BodyGuard, this is where it happened first.

Remember that power ballad from Whitney Houston and the movie, The Bodyguard? Well, Dolly sang it first in this movie, The Best Little Whorehouse In Texas.

Burt Reynolds plays the excellently named Sheriff Ed Earl who looks after a sleepy little Texas town that happens to have the worst kept secret in Texas at its town borders. Dolly Parton plays Miss Mona, the Mama of the Brothel, and Ed Earls mistress.

Burt and Dolly make the movie a must see for me, but when you add in Dom DeLuise as Melvin P. Thorpe, the TV campaigner that wants the whorehouse shut down, and

Charles Durning as The Governor that has to make the decision, this movie becomes another top 10, must own, watch every rainy Sunday possible, hit.

In Bruges (2008) - £4.99

The Ultimate Tourist Video for any city

Another film that has a firm and unshakable slot in my Top 10 movies. I can't remember what led me to watch this film originally as it never had a huge launch campaign, but the discovery of this movie was a real treat.

Because I'm recommending it, I need to add one caveat. If you're not a fan of the potty mouth, then I think that the number of expletives in this movie will more than muddy your ability to enjoy it. Don't get me wrong, this is not vulgar, crass swearing to offend, but it is swearing. Constant swearing. Every sentence swearing. Swearing in the middle of words swearing.

Ken and Ray are hitmen that need to lay low after a job and they have been sent to Bruges by their gangster boss Harry. All they need to do is to lie low and enjoy the city until word comes about what they should do next.

Their tourist activities show Bruges as the best and the worst city in Europe to visit.

Ken: Coming up?

Ray: What's up there?

Ken: The view.

Ray: The view of what? The view of down here? I can see that down here.

Ken: Ray, you are about the worst tourist in the whole world.

Ray: Ken, I grew up in Dublin. I love Dublin. If I grew up on a farm, and was retarded, Bruges might impress me but I didn't, so it doesn't.

This excellent movie, that falls firmly into the black comedy category, won Martin McDonagh a BAFTA Award for Best Original Screenplay.

The Matrix - £3.99

Always one of my top three movies

I love The Matrix. There, I've said it. It seems that some people love it, but lots of people hate it. For me, it will always be one of my top 10, probably one of my top 3 movies.

If there can ever be a way of doing something new in Hollywood-land, The Matrix seemed to achieve it. Taking special effects to a new level, inventing (or at least perfecting and popularising) new (bullet time) filming techniques and integrating them with expertly practiced and choreographed wire-work meant that a blend of cutting edge technology and dedicated acting produced an outstanding movie.

The story was great too with 100s of references for the movie geeks to decode and with enough twists to keep you revisiting the plot even after the movie has ended, but without leaving you feeling like you just watched another David Lynch epic where no-one (not even David Lynch) knows what's happening or why.

Mamma Mia! (2008) - £6.49

Excellent, even for a chick-flick

If you read all of my reviews youll see that musicals always score highly in my ratings. I suppose some people would argue that all musicals are chick-flicks to some extent but Mamma Mia deifintely falls more into the girls film category than most.

The story of single mother Donna, bringing up beautiful daughter Sophie on a remote Greek island certainly shows solidarity with the female viewers. Even so, this excellent movie appeals to all, and, as it is set to an ABBA soundtrack, could not possibly fail to impress. And impress it did. Mamma Mia is the third highest grossing musical film of all time after Grease at number 1 and Chicago at number 2. I bet Pierce Brosnan never thought he would be a principal character in a movie that achieved that accolade!

Seven Brides For Seven Brothers (1954) - £5.99

Bless her beautiful hide, wherever she may be

I can't deny it, I'm a musicals fan. And musicals just don't get any better than this one. 7 Brides for 7 Brothers has long been my favourite musical and at many times has been my favourite movie of all time. This is a typical black and white classic with typical hollywood sets rather than any on location shooting. This means that the set pieces, dance numbers and songs are all performed at their absolute best.

The story is one of 7 backwoodsmen who work the land all spring, summer and autumn, and are then snowed in all winter. It's a hard life, lived miles away from the nearest town or village that leaves them with no company at all. The eldest brother and head of the house, Adam Pontippee, decides that, while on a trip to town to restock supplies, he'll get himself a wife, and in one day, with great singing, he does.

Adam's wife, Milly, soon learns of the other brothers loneliness and arranges ways for them to meet up with the girls from the town. Adam is not so patient to watch his brothers woo their muses and on a nighttime raid, all seven brothers return to the town and kidnap six girls. On their return to their house in the backwoods, they case avalanche to cut them off from the town for a whole winter.

The rest of the movie is left to the tales of distressed girls hating what the boys have done becoming understanding hearstruck women in love as the men realise the consequences of their actions. Perhaps the first case of Stockholm Syndrome on record.

Mad Men - Season 1 - £10.09

Retro Style Magnificence

Mad Men is an exquisite TV Series both with its plot lines and with the visual imagery that it presents to the viewers. Retro classics are everywhere and the scriptwriters take every opportunity to remind us how, not that long ago, the health and safety department was never able to prevent any village fetes from going ahead. Hard smooking, hard drinking Mad Men.

Twin Peaks - Definitive Gold Box Edition - £27.69

Finally, a Twin Peaks release that includes everything

This Twin Peaks DVD box set finally allows us to see the whole Twin Peaks story, including both version of the pilot episode and both seasons. This boxed collection, with 10 discs, is also packed with loads of mini documentaries talking to people who took part.

It's now 20 years after this series was made and I've finally been able to see every episode.

Red Dead Redemption (PS3) - £14.99

£10m of sales in two days

Red Dead Redemption is proving that even in the middle of a recession, a minor heatwave, and with a shortage of supply for the PS3 version, they can still pull off an attention grabbing launch, generating £10m worth of sales in the first two days.

Read Dead Redemption (RDR) is produced by Rockstar Games, of Grand Theft Auto (GTA) fame, and firmly shows that Rockstar are no one trick pony. Put on top of this the fact that RDR, like GTA is an adult only content game and you can see how great games will generate great sales.

Alan Wake (Xbox 360) - £10.49

A long time coming

5 years in the making, we finally see Alan Wake on our own TV screens. I have been playing this for a couple of days now and I really like the look and story fell of the game.

It just goes to show what you can still get in terms of visual results from the Xbox 360, the gameplay looks fantastic. You can play this game in two ways. You can either run past everything and complete things really quickly, or, you can get involved with the game and its story and enjoy what the producers have taken years to put together.