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Reviewer: ABCWarriors
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Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order (Xbox One) - £15.85

Game of the Year Candidate Xbox One X Version

Finally a Star Wars Game worthy of our attension. From the offset the visual fidelity of this game, High quality Graphics, brilliant HDR support are all fantastic and this is all backed up with solid and smooth gameplay. Adding on top high quality sound and music and you have the best Star Wars game ever produced. Game of the year candidate? probably the new leader of the pack.

Forza Horizon 4 (Xbox One) - £61.79

The Best Forza Game Ever

This game has it all, hundreds of cars, wonderfully created open world of parts of the UK. Astonishing Graphics, 4k+HDR this game is the pinicle of all racing games

PES 2019 (Xbox One) - £18.85

PES2019 Back at the Top

PES has spent a long time playing second fiddle to fifa, I bought both 2018 titles and found them about equal. My love of fifa has gone to the PES 2019 game. it has a few rough edges in the menus, but everything else surpasses fifa's offering. PES 2019 is the most realistic and pleasant game I have played in years, better physics both for players and the ball, player animation and awareness are top notch. if you love fifa still buy this if not get this first.