The Sojourn (Xbox One)

Release Date: 04 September 2020
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the sojourn is a thought-provoking first-person puzzle game in which you traverse the parallel worlds of Light and darkness in search of answers.

You are born into a beautiful, pure land, but everything is not as it seems. Darkness seeps through every crevice and forms the foundation of the world You live in. Open your eyes to the shadows of the world to uncover the hidden truth.&Nbsp; 

in this mysterious land, lights guide you forward. It's not long until the world reveals itself to be full of challenges. Now, you must overcome these intricate and ever-more demanding obstacles to uncover the nature of reality.

venture into the enchanting world of the sojourn and face life's obstacles by solving dozens of unique puzzles that will challenge your perception of your own reality.&Nbsp;

Take in gorgeous environments as you delve into the game's four Chapters, each with a distinct atmosphere and style.

"the sojourn is definitively one of the best puzzle games on the market…and an absolute must-play for anyone who is even slightly interested in the genre." -< strong> PlayStation universe

"the sojourn is a lavish love letter to myst and the witness. Levels Pop with colour, drawing immediate parallels to recent genre juggernauts like the witness and the Talos Principle, but the crumbling world is reminiscent of Bastion, and the diverse design and sprawling levels put me in mind of what remains of edith finch."

Release Date: 04 September 2020