The Zero Theorem (Blu-ray)

Release Date: 21 July 2014 | Certificate: To Be Announced
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Terry Gilliam directs this sci-fi feature starring Christoph Waltz, Matt Damon, Lucas Hedges, Mélanie Thierry and David Thewlis. Set in a dystopian future world where corporations and capitalism have run riot and technology has led to a fracturing of human relations, the film follows Qohen Leth (Waltz), a socially dysfunctional computer programmer assigned the somewhat daunting task of solving a mathematical puzzle that will finally answer whether life has a meaning or not. On the verge of making a major breakthrough, Leth is distracted by Bainsley (Thierry), a virtual reality girl with whom he becomes increasingly obsessed. With much riding on his work and with his shadowy boss, Management (Damon), applying pressure, will Leth manage to solve the 'zero theorem'?
Release Date: 21 July 2014
Certificate: TBA - To Be Announced