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Reviewer: DonCaballero
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Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon - Ultimate Optimus Prime - £66.99


Brought this for nephew and he loves it. He could handle the majority of building himself, although i did have help out a few times. Fantastic toy.

True Grit (2010) - £3.29

Beautifully Shot & Phenomenally Acted

The Coen brothers have often dabbled with the Western. Its influence is clearly seen in their first film Blood Simple and the Oscar winning No Country for Old Men. Although those films had very western like characters and stories, they still retained the modern setting. With True Grit they finally delve fully into the genre, and it makes for one of the most riveting films in recent history.

Following the murder of her father, 14-year-old Mattie Ross (played by Hailee Steinfeld) sets out to capture the killer. To aid her, she hires the U.S. marshal Reuben J. "Rooster" Cogburn (The always awesome Jeff Bridges), a man with real "true grit". They are also joined by the Texas Ranger LaBoeuf (An almost unrecognizable Matt Damon), who wants the killer for his own purposes.

I often find it very difficult to determine out of the three leads who does the better job. At first Bridges is the obvious standout, His take on the wizened old vet is masterfully done. Matt Damon’s LaBoeuf starts out very unlikable and dismissive, but towards the end his genuinely good character and protective nature shine though. Buts it’s Hailee Steinfeld (In her first feature film) that completely steals the show. She does an amazing job as a little girl in a man’s world. The way that her character’s initial dogged persistence evolves throughout the film into something far greater is just fantastic to watch.

Like most recent Coen brothers movies, this film is also really well shot and has all kinds of gorgeous visuals going on. The sense of time and place is also wonderfully captured.

The definitive modern western and a definite must own.

Film Noir Collection (1949) - £19.29

Great Starting Point

I highly recommend this box set for anyone wanting to get into the film noir genre. For me, The killers and Out Of The Past are definitely the highlights of the set. It also includes Double Indemnity which is regarded as being one of the greatest examples of the genre, but I must say that I find it to be an overrated film. The adaptation of Dashiell Hammett's The Glass Key is also another great inclusion as it’s one of his adaptations that has always been overshadowed by the more famous Maltese Falcon.

A great set for dames and wise guys that love their cinema hard boiled.

Thor - Mjolnir Lightning Hammer - £23.99

Timmy Mallet would be proud!

I wouldn’t call myself a fan of Marvel's Thor. I’ve yet to see the film and I find Marvels take on the old Norse legend a bit insulting. Having said that, I’ve seen this product in action, and it’s surprisingly awesome.

Mjolnir has great light and thunder effects and can also fire a lightning bolt dart. The head of the hammer is made of a rubbery plastic that whilst being soft, manages to keep its rigidity really well.

This is a great toy for all those budding God of Thunders out there.

Hexbug - Nano Hexbug Robot - £3.99

Fad or phenomenon?

Hexbugs seem to be swarming all over children’s TV at the moment and these days that pretty much guarantees a hit. But is this new overnight sensation actually any good?

Singularly, they are not. A lone Hexbug left buzzing about on your coffee table will probably reward you with only a few seconds of fun. Real enjoyment comes from adding multiple ‘bugs into the mix (the collectability factor really helps with this), then creating mazes out objects from around the house for them to vibrate around.

As they already have a wide range of playsets, it’s going to interesting to see how far they can expand the concept. For now though, this is definitely one of the best toys of the year.