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Wreckfest (PS5) - £17.85

Modern Version of Destruction Derby

If you want a good driving game that is not all about being the fastest then this game is well worth having a look at.

If you are like me and can remember the Destruction Derby games then this game will give you all those feels of nostalgia. A good game with a nice online setup. Only one small

Issue, no local split screen multiplayer :(

The LEGO Movie Videogame (PS4) - £14.29

Just Like The Movie

A game that is very close to the movie. In regards to other Lego games the game

Is on the shorter side. But the content to it is amazing

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales (PS5) - £39.85

What A Game

I adored this game from start to finish. As well as the main story there is so much to do. You can easily get lost in the city of New York that sometimes you end up having more fun just flying between buildings than doing the missions and sub missions. A truly wonderful game

Sackboy A Big Adventure (PS5) - £34.85

Little Big Planet has grown up

If you loved the Little Big Planet series you will love this. It might look different in the fact it’s more 3D but the gameplay and feel of the game is great. Anybody can pick this up and enjoy.

Two Point Hospital (Nintendo Switch) - £28.29

Harder Game Than You Might Think

This is a funny Sim game that is all madness and fun. You will not find a better sim

Game out there at the moment. Think Theme Hospital burn turn it up to eleven. My only small issue and it is really small, is that, if you want to take it very seriously and do a career mode and do it well, well you have to make the correct decisions and to get three stars on your hospitals is no easy task. Much harder game than I expected but a great one at that

Untitled Goose Game (PS4) - £12.59

I have never caused so much trouble with a goose

What a game!! What a unique game!!. There are not too many buttons to press and controls to get used to but I’m sure you will enjoy going around as a goose causing trouble and solving puzzles. The levels are not easy, and sometimes you can get Frustrated by the puzzle elements, as easy as the controls are to

Get to grip with for a youngster some might find the puzzle side of it a little difficult. Overall a interesting and unique game.

LEGO City Undercover (PS4) - £13.89

By Far The Best Lego Game

If you said to me to pick the best Lego game out there of all time. This would be the game

I would pick. The story mode side of it is long, interesting, unique and very funny at time. You don’t always feel

Like each level is the same, each chapter of the story has its own theme and look, which keeps the game moving. After the story mode is complete there is so much open world and mini quests to keep you going. This game

Is well worth getting.