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Bayonetta: Bloody Fate - Collector’s Edition Steelbook (Blu-ray) - £6.09

Great for both anime and Bayonetta fans!

Bayonetta: Bloody Fate is an anime adaptation of the video game franchise. This film was made by Studio Gonzo (known for Full Metal Panic, Hellsing and even Linkin Park's 'Breaking The Habit' music video) and they provide a wonderfully old school feeling to this film. It brought back feelings of the days when older (and perhaps more violent) anime was a bigger thing in the UK. So if you're someone craving for that sort of thing, then this is definitely for a film you check out, but at the same time if that's not your thing you can still watch this and have great fun - the violence isn't so overbearing it's a turn off.

The film is in both English and Japanese (with subtitles) but for me a massive selling point is the fact that the English dub casting of Bayonetta is the same voice actress from the video games, Helena Taylor, adding more authenticity and continuity for the franchise as a whole. I'll admit I'm someone who hasn't played much of the original game and while I'm not entirely familiar with the franchise it didn't matter at all as I still had great fun watching it. (Though one would assume that if you're very familiar with the franchise you'd get a lot more out of this than I did, despite my great level of enjoyment.)

Another great element of this release, which to me is a massive selling point, is the fact that there is an audio commentary that includes the voice of Bayonetta herself, Helena Taylor. You get to hear her thoughts on this and that's another unique piece of insight one would not expect. The commentary is on topic throughout and gives you lots of information and unique insight that you wouldn't have got otherwise - exactly what I want out of a commentary.

Also it has to be said that the Steelbook Manga UK have produced looks amazing! If you've got a Blu-ray player it's well worth getting this version - I feel it's one of the best looking Steelbooks I own.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Season 1 - The Official First Season (Episodes 1-49) - £18.89

Nostalgia trip that holds up well

This box set contains the first 49 episodes of Yu-Gi-Oh!, as it was seen on British television. So for those wondering it does not include "the very first season" (that to my knowledge has never been dubbed) set before this particular series. It's the 4Kids dub as it was shown on television.

I remember watching this as it aired on television, and really enjoyed it. Having gone back and watched it since, while some of the dub is tad cringeworthy in places, overall in my opinion this holds up very well. It's a well conceived translation that is suitable for all audiences. Sure some of the voice casting is a tad weird (especially Tristan in the early going,) and the choice of how little details were edited for television (like the removal of people holding guns as an example - some people will get what I mean by that) were certainly unique, it goes to show how much 4Kids had an impact on people discovering anime through this and Pokémon.

In terms of the content of the box itself, the episodes are split over 7 DVDs. Only the English language 4Kids dub of the episodes are included. (This is confirmed by Manga UK themselves on their Twitter/Facebook.) So for those of you dreaming of an Uncut/Japanese language version of the series, this box set won't be for you. (Though if an uncut box were to be released, that'd be great!)

Whether you're wanting a big nostalgia trip or simply want something to buy for the kids that will certainly provide hours of entertainment, this box set is definitely worth the price. 49 episodes of a TV series for under £30 (at the time of writing) is great value.