BaseTrade Overview

BaseTrade allows third party sellers to list items for sale alongside on the website.

Sell On BaseTrade

If you have a new or used copy of Kill Bill on DVD, you can find Kill Bill on, click on the 'Sell Your Item' link, enter the price you want to sell it for, and it will appear for sale on the Kill Bill product page. When it sells, you'll receive the money you listed it for, minus a commission paid to for listing and selling the item.

By allowing third party sellers to list items for sale on the website, customers will get to choose from a much larger range of items, and, those items can be a sold at a range of prices, improving the price for you.

Buy On BaseTrade

When you buy an item on, you will be able to see both our price, and, if the item is being sold by a third party, you will see the third party seller's price too. The third party seller's name and feedback rating will be shown to help you gauge which seller to buy from.

BaseTrade Shipping

All products on are sold with free UK shipping. BaseTrade products include any shipping costs that a third party requires to deliver the item to a UK address. This means that the price you see a product listed for is the price that you will pay to have it delivered to the UK. There are no additional shipping charges unless the item is being sent outside of the UK.

BaseTrade sellers can choose if they are happy to deliver their item beyond the UK or not. If a BaseTrade seller is happy to send their item internatinally, the destinations they are happy to send to, and the additional cost of delivering the item is shown alongside the listing so that you can see the full costs before adding the item to your basket.

BaseTrade sellers may send an invoice that shows the cost of the item and the shipping separately. Cash Account

When you make a sale on BaseTrade, the cash from the sale, minus any fees, is deposited into your cash account. You can transfer the money from you cash account to your bank account, or, you can use the cash to buy items from

Apply to become a BaseTrade seller

Everyone can buy items from the BaseTrade system on, but, to become a BaseTrade seller you must apply and receive an invite from us.

If you would like to apply to sell on BaseTrade, please apply for an invite on our BaseTrade Application page. Applicants will be reviewed and invited to become sellers.